Thursday, August 26, 2010

Very interesting interview with Ray McGovern

Sibel Edmonds and Peter B Collins have interviewed Ray McGovern for their (excellent) podcast The Boiling Frogs.  They touch on a number of interesting topics, including a very good discussion between Sibel and Ray on whether the Wikileak's "Afghan Diary" papers are a real leak, or a carefully crafted "intox" by the US government.

For whatever its worth, I am inclined to agree with Ray McGovern and consider that the leaks are real and not some "intox" leak.  As for the anti-Iranian language used in these documents, I have a very basic explanation.  Remember that these documents are supposed to have been written by US soldiers in Afghanistan.  It makes them look "informed" and "politically correct" if they see a "mullah" behind each and every event taking place, in particular when a scapegoat is needed to explain the daily US FUBARs and SNAFUs in the field.  Besides, people usually believe their own propaganda so if the grunts on the ground in Afghanistan see "dark hand of Iran" behind all their failures, that is not surprizing at all.

Sill, Sibel asks some very good questions and she might be right.

You can download the podcast by clicking here.