Monday, May 31, 2010

Palestine Think Tank coverage of the crisis

Kawther Salam's detailed report shows that the entire massacre, planned in advance, was nothing but the Zionist reaction to the recent improvement in Turkish-Iranian relations.

Kourosh Ziabari asks what would have happened if the same actions were done by Iran

Belén Fernandez dissects the Israeli Hasbara that it was actually the pacifists bringing humanitarian aid who were responsible for their own deaths

Mary Rizzo deconstructs Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister's Lies (until the World Cup makes everyone forget the real world)

Carlos Latuff creates another masterpiece

Gazan civil society calls for global protests

Sahar Hamzeh has written an ode to those who come to break the siege, with Adib Kawar's sad addendum to the martyrs

and so that hope never dies, our friend Nusair gives the Egyptian activists' recipe for resistance when resistance is beaten down with sticks and prison