Thursday, March 4, 2010

Statement From The Afghan Resistance

Statement of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan regarding monopolization of activities of Mass Media Outlets by the Puppet Administration.

By Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

March 03, 2010 "Information Clearing House" -- According to international media reports, the Kabul Puppet Administration have warned media outlets not to publish or transmit live reports of events without obtainment of prior permission. In case of violation, they have threatened to arrest relevant reporters, seize their equipment and impose ban on activities of the concerned media outlet in a given area. International media outlets, civil societies and human rights organizations have condemned the irrational warning of the Kabul puppet administration. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan considers this measure of the surrogate administration as a flagrant violation of the recognized principle of freedom of speech and wants to announce as follows:

1. The ban on independent mass media outlets by the Puppet Administration is, in fact, an effort by the surrogates to put a clout on their failure and shameful fiascos, which they face during confrontations with the Mujahideen in every part of the country.

2. The monopolization of activities of independent mass media outlets by the Kabul Puppet Administration is a clear-cut violation of norms and regulation of neutrality, independence and liberty of speech and has no justification in the light of national and international laws.

3. The said unjustified step of the Kabul Puppet Administration, defacto, originates from the anti-human attitude of their masters i.e. the Americans, who are bent on imposing their dictatorship and the so-called abhorrent liberty on independent nations.

4. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan while inviting all activists of mass media to accurately publish ground realities, highly appreciates the courageous efforts of the fact-finding and investigative journalists, reporters and photographers who continue their duty to reflect the ground realities of the Afghans issue despite threats and obstacles that they are facing in their way.

5. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, pertinent to its previous request, urges all employees of independent and neutral media outlets to initially observe the losses inflicted on the invaders by the Mujahideen and the destruction caused to public properties by the invaders and then transmit or publish their reports for the judgment of the public of the world. This as a part of their obligation to fulfill their journalistic mission and convey the true picture of events to the people of the world without any inclination to support the aggression of the invaders.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan