Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I smell a rat

Call my paranoid (I am). Call me distrustful (I am). Call me cynical (I am). But I still smell a rat and the stench of that rat is getting stronger every minute.

Take a look at this BBC article about the election results in the Ukraine.

Observers from the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) were unusually blunt, warning the country's political leaders they should listen to the people's verdict and make sure the transition of power was peaceful (...) International monitors described the election as an impressive display of democracy. The OSCE's head of mission, Joao Soares, said Ukraine's electoral commission had been transparent and unbiased. (...) The US embassy in Kiev described the election as "another step in the consolidation of Ukraine's democracy".

Are we really talking about the same Ukraine were the last presidential elections were "so bad" that all the Western observers unanimously supported the "Orange Revolution"?! Are we really to believe that after years of corruption and a raging economic crisis (since 2008 the national currency, the Hryvna, has lost 48% of its value) this election was squeaky clean?! What about the many complaints of the Tymoshenko camp who claims over that vote rigging occurred at 1000 polling stations? What about the allegations that at least one Tymoshenko observer was found dead? What about the allegation that pretty much all the vote in the East and South of the country was rigged?!

Keep in mind that unlike what happened recently in Iran, the result of the Ukrainian elections are very close: according to the BBC. with 99.94% of votes counted after Sunday's poll, Mr Yanukovych had won 48.94% to 45.48% for Mrs Tymoshenko. Since it is far easier to rig a narrow election than a landslide, why is nobody taking the time to ascertain whether Yanukovich did not "steal" this election as he supposedly did the last time? Why are all the protests of Tymoshenko ignored?!

Am I the only one smelling a big stinky rat here?!

Here is my interpretation of what is going on. The Empire's propaganda machine (no, not the corporate press, the "independent" "defenders" of "democracy" such as the NGOs, OSCE, etc.) is giving it's full support to Yanukovich and that can only mean one thing: the "Imperial High Command" considers Yanukovich as co-opted.

Can I prove this? Nope. Not only that, but I even consider it possible that Yanukovich himself is playing the same game as so many other politicians which the Empire considered co-opted and who used the Empire for their own goals only to better ditch it later.

So no, I don't know if Yanukovich has already become a USraelian puppet, but I bet you that the USralians think that he has.

As always, only time will show the truth of the matter.