Sunday, August 23, 2009

The latest Israeli hysterics - blood "libel" (again)!

Israeli politicians are off their meds again, this time they are infuriated by an article in a Swedish newspaper, the Aftonbladet, reporting that a number of Israeli officials and the IDF were involved in a goulish human organs trafficking scheme (you can get the details, with a translation of the original article, here). Today's issue of Haaretz is full of articles about the indignation of various Israeli politicians:(Netanhahu, Lieberman and even "thousands of Israelis" are having the customary hysterical fit whenever Israel is accused of something: Oy veh! Oy gvald! The anti-Semites are at it again!

This time, however, the protests include something not heard of for a while already: the accusation of "blood libel". That is, I have to say, an amazingly stupid thing for the Hasbara machine to bring up right now.

It's been only two years since Ariel Toaff, a professor of Medieval and Renaissance History, published his book Blood Passover (Pasque du Sangue) only to be forced by a mob Israeli and Jewish pressure groups to withdrawn it from publication (the full English text of this very interesting book can be found here). Even though an expunged version of the new book was published last yea, it is quite clear which of the two versions is the one reflecting Toaff's original findings.

In a similar fashion, Michael Hoffman's seminal book Judaism Discovered (1000+ pages!) was censored by Amazon only a year ago and is now available, in its third printing, directly form the author (a must read for any person interested in the real nature of the "Jewish state"). Amazon, by the way, seems to have now backed down, as the book is available for order on its website) .

In a typically counter-productive way, these attempts to censor those who endeavor to uncover the true nature of what is usually, and erroneously, called "Judaism" (and which should be really called "rabbinical Talmudism" or, even more accurately, "Phariseism") result in an amount of publicity which the authors of these books could never hope for. Just take the two examples above: Toaff's book has been translated into English for free and is now available for free download on the Internet, while Hoffman's book is already in its third edition.

The Hasbara "though police" simply does not get it: censorship never works.

It is also quite amusing to see how deluded the Israeli politicians, and general public, are. They really seem to think that the story about the IDF trafficking in human organs will damage the public image of their country. They are, obviously, utterly oblivious that following the wars in Lebanon, the building of the "Jewish apartheid wall", the bloodbath in Jenin and Gaza, etc. the world public opinion already despises the last overtly racist state on the planet. Still, when Dr. Neve Gordon of Ben-Gurion University in Be'er Sheva, wrote an op-ed in the LA Times calling for the boycott of the Israeli Apartheid state, the Zionist reaction to his piece was predictable: hysterics, ad hominems and threats of reprisals.

Should the Aftonbladet story now be proven true, there is a real risk for the Israelis that the other "libel" will be carefully re-investigated, and this time not only by scholars or academics, but by the general public. Yet, instead of refuting the research made by Aftonbladet reporters, the Israelis reverted to the tactic which has served them so well for many years: hysterics, ad hominems and threats of reprisals. That will do them no good this time.