Monday, May 25, 2009

The Empire under Obama is as stupid as it was under Dubya

Lately, the USraelian Empire has been in the panic mode. On June 7th, an election will take place in Lebanon. Unsurprisingly, Hezbollah should do very well. And why not? Hezbollah single handedly beat the Israelis, it prevented a coup by the Lebanese "Three Stooges" (Hariri, Jumblatt and Siniora) and it has re-built the areas destroyed by the Israelis in a record time.

Obama's puppeteers understand this and this is why they have come up with an "oh-so-slick" response to this threat: they sent Biden to Lebanon and planted a story in Spiegel claiming that it was Hezbollah which killed Hariri.

Biden to Lebanon is just the pinnacle of arrogance and hubris. The Imperial High Command absolutely refuses to admit that being seen with a senior Imperial Leader is a kiss of death for any Arab politician unless that politician is a total USraelian stooge and puppet (Mubarak comes to mind).

As for blaming Hezbollah for the murder of Hariri, one has to feel some sympathy for the plight of the Empire. See, Lebanon does not have a marketplace quite like Markale, or a village quite like Racak: with the entire press corps ready to pick-up any "massacre" report no matter how absurd and without any possibility for the local authorities to investigate. So blaming the Hariri murder on Hezbollah is the best possible option - nevermind that Syria has been blamed for it almost since day one (blaming Syria was needed then, blaming Hezbollah is needed now) and nevermind that Hezbollah had nothing to gain, and much to loose, by such an action.

These silly tactics will not bring a single vote to the USraelian stooges in Lebanon. Those who are already at the Empire's service do not need more "reasons" (they need money and power). Those who support Hezbollah will only laugh at the crude and predicable nature of these operations. And the few in the middle who might hesitate in their vote will probably find themselves more, not less, attracted to the Party which manages to elicit such nonsensical but frantic interventions by the USraelians.

I predict that Hezbollah will do amazingly well in the next elections and that the US puppets currently in power in Lebanon will loose most of their power.

We will find out soon enough.