Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Israeli humor: 1 shot 2 kills

Check out this amazing photo representing a T-shirt popular among Israeli snipers:

It shows a veiled pregnant woman (presumably Palestinian) through a rifle scope. Under it, a short sentence:


(read all about it in Ha'aretz)

Can anyone even imagine the worldwide outrage if, say, Iranian snipers had been seen with such T-shirts with the Muslim woman replaced by a pregnant Jewish Haredi woman?

If one picture speaks a million words, then this one says it all about the Israelis, their visceral racism and their genocidal dreams.

One can only marvel at the fact that it takes an Israeli newspaper to cover this story while the rest of the corporate press piously looks away (in search of a possible resurgence of a "new anti-Semitism" I suppose).

These kind of T-shirts are distributed among Israeli troops with the full knowledge of their commanding officers. So if this is not quite official policy, it is most definitely not seen as disruptive, slanderous or otherwise unbecoming an Israeli solider.

This T-shirt is not an aberration, quite to the contrary, it is a new trend (remember the Israeli "tourists" who were visiting special "viewing sites" from which they could drink cold drinks and observe the wholesale destruction of Gaza?). Clearly, the vast majority of Israelis have gone rabid and with the Netanyahu forming the next government we can expect the worst.