Saturday, September 6, 2008

September 4th 2008 speech of Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah

I would like first of all to raise congratulations for all Muslims in general and Lebanese in particular for the coming of the wholly month of Ramadan, the month of forgiveness, amnesty, mercy and repentance, the month that is considered as the best and whose nights and days are the best as well. Thanks for accepting the invitation of the Islamic Resistance Support Board held in this warrior and blessed city of Al-Nabatiyah. Your acceptance ensures your insistence on supporting and backing this Resistance, its aims, struggle, and sacrifice. It ensures also that you are unbreakable part of it.

Instead of holding the press conference that I’ve promised, I will make statements on special issues that match the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan in the festivities that will be held somehow wide apart during this month by the Islamic Resistance Support Association.

Al mighty God says in his wholly book, In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful: “Get assisted by patience and praying which is considered as too much except by those who show reverence and believe that they will meet their God and to whom they will return.”

Some Prophetic statements have interpreted patience here as fasting that is considered as one of the most important practical situations of the state of patience. Thus, fasting is also one of the most important factors that help in the creation of the person’s patience state.

God has addressed his messenger, the Prophet (peace be upon him) as saying: “ be patient just as those well-determined of the messengers, and don’t be in a hurry for them, as if they are seeing what they have been promised about, as if they have spent an hour in a day,”

In another Quranic Verses God also has said: “ ..If you are patient and pious then it is a kind of firm will.” And his Almighty has said also: “ Be patient through whatever harm that has fallen upon you. This is a kind of firm will.”” For those who were patient and practiced forgiveness, this is a kind of determination.”

In this month, fasting is not just the duty of the believers in Islam but in all divine religions as well “you believers have to fast as fasting was imposed on those who had preceded you perhaps you might be pious.”

Among the reasons why fasting has been imposed is perhaps the reformation of the human character on a multi-dimensional levels including the spiritual, the cultural, intellectual, moral and psychological ones. And among the most important aspects got by the practical worship practiced especially in this month is the Will aspect. This will be my intro tonight to tackle the issues of our concern in Lebanon and the region as well.

God has created human being to have their wishes and dreams achieved in two worlds: in the earthy world as well as in the after life. Such an achievement is only accessible by work, behaviour, effort and conduct. Thus, it’s not obligatory; it’s not being created to be in heaven while the other is being created to be in hill, the same is applicable to issues of related to lowliness-luxury, and even poor- rich states. It’s God’s Will to have one’s permissive dreams and wishes be achieved simply by one’s own work, effort, and doing. For this particular purpose God has equipped human being with his brain by which he is distinguished from any other creatures. Knowledge and acquaintance remark the beginning of the path. One has to know himself and his capabilities. Here a big problem may be an outcome of one’s ignorance of himself or his capabilities and limitations. One’s knowledge must extend to know God, the universe, the other creatures, whether humans or nonhuman. One has to know what allowed and accurate aims he’s working for, and the right and straight path that leads to these aims that belong to the two worlds here and after life. One must be able to distinguish between what’s good and devil, between his friend and enemy, and between what builds his righteousness or causes his corruption. Acquiring this kind of knowledge is a prerequisite for one’s life, movement, and behaviour on personal and group level whatever roads he might be taking. God introduces the enemy in Adam’s story as he says: “ The Satan is your enemy; thus be his enemy.” After knowledge, believing comes. Knowing alone is not sufficient, however it must reach the believing level for its is the direct result of knowledge. The third prerequisite after knowledge and believing is work i.e. making effort, authentic practice, and actual commitment. “The starting point of a religion is acquiring knowledge.” One has to know his aims in this life and after life as well, believe in them and work hard to have them achieved. Things run on likewise in general and not just in the religious framework. Then, the one who knows and believes is in need of other crucial factors: will and determination. A knower and believer with fragile will and determination may only practice humble activities that don’t require great sacrifice. This life is based on work, examination and tiredness: who wants to earn money, acquire knowledge, get his occupied land back, build a fair state, have a peaceful and calm family, or even defend his country and its sovereignty has to work hardly. All issues whether personal or general require working hardly and exhaust. And most of the issues that we are working for require great sacrifice, staying up, tears, physical and spiritual effort, and bearding the hard circumstances and the loss of the beloved ones. Who lacks will and determination can’t work in advanced level but stays satisfied with theories. Great philosophers and thinkers left no effect in people’s life because what they lacked will and determination to continue their work. God has not distinguished between his messengers according to the degree of worship they practiced or their physical appearance but rather due to their determination and thus called them the well-determined ones and they are Noah, Moses, Abraham, Jesus and Mohammad (Peace be upon all of them). They are still recognized by millions of people due to the determination that they have showed in their great sacrifice and achievement. God has explained what happened with Adam at whom he pointed as “he has forgotten and we have found any of his determination” the verse that indicates that Adam’s level of determination has not reached that of the other messengers. When weakness leak to determination, this will affect the conduct of the individual, the group and the nation.

Today, the Resistance in Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq and the region is an expression of the will and determination of the people who’s aware of their path and aim for which they are working. The Resistance in Lebanon is an achievement it reflects those mentioned in the Quranic Verse that says: “Get assisted by patience and praying”; it’s also the outcome of the spiritual faithful and cultural structure; it identified its enemy from the beginning without being lost in doing so as the case of some others. By saying Resistance I don’t points at its leaders but rather its warriors, martyrs, wounded people, freed detainees, honourable families, audience, and all of those who back it. One of God’s blessings is being guided and aware of whom your enemy is.

This resistance has been aware of its enemy who occupied the land, committed massacres, killed, wounded, detained, slaughtered children, women, and old people, destroyed houses, belongings and infra-structures, and that is still occupying and attacking and threatening to violate the sovereignty- whenever any sort of weakness is felt among us- because no limit stops its avarice for our lands and water. This resistance has clearly drawn its aims presented in getting both the land and the people liberated. These were noticeably mentioned by the absentee Iman Mussa Al Sadr –May God have him back safe and sound along with his two companions. This resistance has as well seen and believed that the only way of having its aims achieved is by liberating through the actual, serious, faithful, truthful and insistent resistance especially on the military level. The resistance that started in the 1970s on the hands of Imam Al Sadr has proven that it has the will and the determination to commence, to continue, to grow, to make a victory until the victory has been made. On the field and the challenging front, the resistance is still embracing this knowledge working hard on having it aims entirely achieved.

We are still in the middle of the battle. We have heard the threatening alarmed by Ehud Barack who promised that 5 contingents will be fighting house-to-house and city-to-city this time in a hope that he may frighten the Lebanese and the southerners in particular. The (Israelis) are continuing in fabricating threats amid a long silence. Barack says that his new strategy is based on the previous war experiences, the published Winograd recommendations and those still unpublished which are of greater importance, and is also based on the assessments of both the political and military (Israeli) leaderships. The (Israelis) know very well that their naval capabilities are limited and that in the previous war they used up all of their air force, tactics, abilities, rockets, and technology- and despite all of that they were not capable of drawing any victory or military achievement that may make a change in the balance of the battle. Now, all the (Israeli) political left, right, mid and moderate structures- which are illusionary and falsely classified- are talking about a big great and wide military operation. It’s a part of their psychological warfare that aims at creating a sort of hope for their people who miss the political star and the trusted military leader and to frighten the Lebanese people. His strategy has various purposes, but he thinks that a continuous threat may weaken the Lebanese who according to him will ask for alternative options. In the previous war, about 40-50 thousand (Israeli) soldiers participated among which they were four elite brigades. Based on my faithful trust and the real and physical data, I have said and I repeat that by God’s Will these 5 contingents will be destroyed on the mountains, hills and roads and in the valleys and alleys of the villages in the South and the western Biqaa or any other place in Lebanon. The (Israeli) media used to broadcast my speeches, however they have noticed that my speeches are carefully listened to by the (Israeli) people who believe what I state. Thus, they considered that my speeches work against the psychological warfare they are waging, and they turned to cut sound-bites and have them analyzed on TV, in symposiums and so on. But if the TV is blocked, I think that many doors are still open in other media outlets, and it’s our duty to have the (Israeli) people know that sometimes preventing a war is a victory in itself. The (Israeli) media has not published a sentence that has appeared in my recent 7-10 minute statement- by the way I want to make it clear now that it’s not me the owner of the Sincere Promise, but rather the resistance and I am the spokesman of the Resistance, the strugglers, those who pay sacrifices, and the families who back up the resistance- I want the (Israeli) people to know not as a part of a psychological warfare but a part of our defence against our country; we are working days and nights and it’s neither the political and information noise of the inner spitefulness that seeks opportunities in the region and worldwide and even nothing else can make us busy from being ready, getting training, and being tougher with greater capabilities to defend our people and country and make our own dignity and glory. I would like to say that the resistance fighters have no idea about even the names of these political stars and that there are people who specifically work on monitoring what is being said in media. Then, what I said was a response at the (Israeli) threats and it was not at all a threat as some Lebanese media and European Foreign ministers tried to show as claiming that Lebanon has been fallen under the (Israeli) threat and Hezbollah threat as well. This is as unjust as making the executioner and the victim equal. It’s the (Israelis) who threaten and we are those who are attacked, whose sovereignty is violated, killed on roads, and we want the entire world to hear us; we are going to defend our country; we are going to defeat our enemy and get him destroyed in case he launches any attack against us. After my recent statement, we haven’t heard any more threats, or at least, anything important. The (Israelis) have gone to other alternatives: placing pressure on the UNIFIL and claiming that it’s not properly bearing its responsibilities, no storming into houses, no spying and despite what’s going on in the Litany region the (Israeli) pressure started as UNIFIL commander states in the Security Council that it’s (Israel) that violates the (1701) resolution and not Hezbollah. None in Lebanon has thanked the man or appreciated his stance for it’s a merit recorded for Hezbollah. Besides UNIFIL, pressure is placed also on the Lebanese political authority and in the international community as well. Any way political speeches have no effect on the (Israeli) side, but I wanted to emphasize the fact that this enemy doesn’t see those weak, low, spiritless, failed and defeated or those who look after excuses and reasons and are carefree from having their land, people and sacrosanct liberated. Who’s well-noticeable is the one who faces with whatever abilities he might have. The fact implies that this enemy addresses you only when he shows respect and consideration to you.

Now I want to tackle some points quickly:

Monopolizing the Resistance

Lebanese House speaker tackled the claim of monopolizing the resistance in Al-Nabatiyah; however, some people internally are getting back to play this symphony. We haven’t monopolized the Resistance from 2000 till 2006. On the contrary, after 1985 and in 1990s there are some Lebanese and Palestinian powers who participated either in joint operations or in guidance to points in the occupied land. But we weren’t announcing that. Some claims of having started the resistance and that Hezbollah, Amal Movement or any other sides are monopolizing it now; we are still alive, our descendents the generation who started the resistance since the foundation of the oppressor (Israeli) state are still alive; let’s examine the unconceivable claims. Well, let’s close the chapter of the past and tell me where you are now, who are supporting, in which trench and on which front you are. Now, there are parts of Shebaa farms, Kafer-shouba hills and al Ghajar area that are still occupied and they are Lebanese. Go and fight and you have weapons, since the May 7th event proved that all Lebanese have all kinds of arms, some has heavy weapons even and in greater amount than what Lebanese Army itself has. They raise such slogans as “no weapons unless that of the authority” and they themselves own the weapons! Go and fight and if you were prevented by someone say that you have been prevented by someone but don’t say that it’s Hezbollah who prevented us. In this occasion in the month of Ramadan, I would like to state that monopolizing the resistance is not our project; moreover, we are interested in having all people become resistant and fighters. Those who claim that Hezbollah is monopolizing the resistance they are not actually willing of sending their own sons to sacrifice or fight, but just having themselves take part in the decision-making process; to be members and generals while we become the soldiers; they sit, plan, decide and observe while our youths sacrifice; all what they are pointing at is who monopolizes the decision of war and peace. Recently, MP Mohammad Raad, the representative of Al Nabatiyah and the chair of the Loyalty to the Resistance Parliamentary Bloc made a statement that none owns the decision of war and peace. He was criticised. But what he signalled to is that none in the region, neither the Lebanese government, nor the Resistance, nor the Lebanese people own the war-and-peace decision; this decision is always taken by (Israel). Are the Palestinian people the one who decides to launch a war against (Israel). It’s (Israel) and USA who own such a decision. Let me refresh your mind again what our discourse is about: reviving Lebanese people and the nation (Ummah) to resist. We won’t be upset if one suggests sacrificing instead of us.

The National Defence Strategy

Two days ago, Lebanese President urged that moving toward the discussions of the National Defence Strategy must be hastened. And we have called for a discussion about it. From now I say even if Shebaa farms are liberated we will keep our weapons. It’s the problem of those who don’t absorb the fact that Lebanon is always under the (Israelis’) threat and greed.

Let’s sit around the table of the national dialogue and discuss, but what is important is in what mood we come to such a table. Will you have any attempt at convincing us on how we can strengthen Lebanon and empower it to stay in face of any attack? If so, that will indeed produce results.

The Lebanese Army Helicopter

Concerning the Lebanese Army helicopter, all what I want to say that it was merely accidental. The Lebanese Army stated that in its statement which was so accurate. The army’s statement didn’t precede the results of the investigation underway and even mentioned that unknown armed men and that the helicopter was shut down causing the martyrdom of Captain Samer Hanna. The statement also called to wait for the investigation. We are waiting for the investigation too. We made our own investigation to see if there was anyone who commanded opening fire and if there was no command why did this resistant man open fire. Any way the helicopter was not shot down on purpose. And we are cooperating with the army; the army listened to the resistant men who were on the site. But what happened was just a sort of accident and I want to be fair and declare that the entire military institution and the Army leadership, the new president of the army, the then-sitting leader of the army, the main leaders in the army, the Defence Minister, the Intelligence Bureau, Lebanese president and Prime Minister all have reacted with responsibility. The one who shut down at the helicopter is young 19-20 year old and he himself said that this accident has caused confusion on the Resistance-Lebanese Army relationship level and “I am here to defend my country and not to cause such state and I would like to surrender myself to the military judiciary if this would help the resistance and get things amended.” He is an honourable young resistant man and he has chosen to surrender –we don’t force anyone to surrender - considering himself in the resistance anyway and God knows how things go on in the judiciary system. So our youths conduct with full responsibility, we haven’t un-controlled youths and we haven’t got them from streets; they are on a high level of knowledge, faith, culture, awareness, Will and determination. What happened was that the resistant men were found in a military location amid (Israeli) daily threats; they got surprised with the presence of this helicopter which they couldn’t identify its features; it didn’t take minutes of seconds; one of the resistant men shut it down naturally and instinctively causing the martyrdom of its Captain.

It’s an accidental and painful mistake, but this happens every day and everywhere between alliances and within the same army. Some media started to say that some of Hezbollah martyrs fade away in an incomprehensible way; we are training people in large number and it happens that some might be shut down by blind fire; but we are not concerned about informing the media and make announcements; we get satisfied by explaining to the families.

I want to remind those (ministers) who tried to build upon this accident in an attempt to disturb the relationship between the Resistance and Lebanese Army that on 13th September 1993 we were shut down and we got martyrs (10 people, 8 men, and 2 women) as well as we got other 50 people wounded by the fire of the Lebanese Army and the Internal Security Forces. And we kept silent. We were accused that we reacted cowardly and with treacherously. They were hard nights. Being hit by arrows form everywhere. But we are the most eager to avoid any sedition between the Resistance and Lebanese Army. We haven’t forgotten what happened on the circle of the airport and on Mar-Mkhayel road when 7 youths were shut down in a very mysterious way. Despite all of that we kept silent and we waited for investigation. All the different Shiite leaderships acted with responsibility. I am not saying that the Helicopter accident is the same like those; this is also left for the investigation. But I don’t want anyone to think that he might be able to take advantage of this accident. I am the one who always call for showing patience and I am going to apply the verse that points at those “who are patient and who forgive” but I want to shed light on the subject.

We have read some articles and analysis that mentioned that Hezbollah is attempting to draw the red lines of his state against the Lebanese state ; and another article that asks why Captain Samer Hanna in particular, still other article that builds on stories that the martyr’s family refused Hezbollah condolences. I am here to pay condolences and I will deliver my condolences as better situations are available. We are among the most who feel with the loss of the beloved, brothers and dear people. Some says that the one who commands to open fire must be apprehended too. None commanded to open fire, and if there’s someone who did so, I bear responsibility; I am not a spokesman of the resistance that appears on occasions; I do bear full responsibility of the resistance in peace as well as in war. This is not a message for the (Israelis) for they know us very well. We don’t send messages written by the blood of our brothers and dear people neither those in the resistance nor in the army. No just Lebanese media fabricated lies, but so did Arab Media; moreover they are worse; they said Hezbollah on purpose shot down a helicopter. First of all the helicopter was not fallen down. Then I want to ask such media if they had done their check if this was the truth. This is not the news at all. Hezbollah has his own story about the accident and so does the Lebanese Army, but we are waiting for the judicial investigation to have its say. I want to tell those who want to rip the skin of Hezbollah that Hezbollah is born to be ripped. Victory is stamped on our forehead. That’s what evidence says, and what future says, and days are just between us. There’s someone who I used to classify as balanced who said recently that the one who opened fire is criminal; I don’t picture that anyone would like to lose his balance with the coming elections; but I want to inform you that I refuse such statements. This man is a resistant man and he was performing his duty. Ambiguity took place and we are waiting for the investigation.

What I was planning to tackle in the press conference is the issue of the freed war detainees, which is considered as one of the resistance achievements. But I want to tackle the issue of the four freed body remains; they are not complete corpses, for they have martyred since a long time. we are waiting for the results of their DNA test from abroad in an attempt to benefit form DNA technology, because the tests held here were not sufficient. The martyrdom of Dalal Al Moughraby is obvious, but we want to know the destiny of Yehyah Skaff.

There’s no betrayal in the file of the returned war prisoners; my enmity to (Israel) is doubtless, but what happened is that the (Israelis) told us that they will give us the 199 corpses that they had. (Israel) claims that they belong to Lebanese and Palestinian people. (Israel) says that it has given us all the Lebanese corpses; we are not sure whether it is saying the truth or lying; any way the file of the martyred corpses has not been closed yet; that of the war detainess is done. There are still corpses of Hezbollah who we haven’t retrieved their corpses yet, the issue needs more accuracy to know whether the rest is in the (Israeli) hands or not, for the (Israeli) numeral grave yard has been ignored and it’s hard to identify the body remains, and in case they are not with the (Israelis) we need their whereabouts.

There are still martyrs for the other resistant parties and movements. We have received lists of the names of the martyrs; we have asked the freedom of all the martyrs for we don’t turn our back to any martyr no matter to which direction he belongs. But those (martyrs) whose presence is claimed with no evidence to others being found- any way it remains open to debate.

Parties concerned are invited for a meeting to see ways of having them returned, then this government is national and it has to bear its responsibility toward this file. We don’t turn our back to any detainee in prisons, and we leave not out martyrs anywhere even in a holy land like Palestine for another emotional aspects that oblige us to have them back to their families.

We are not leaving responsibilities to be lifted by the government. We bear responsibilities and we are ready to cooperate. The file of the missing people is still open. The information that the (Israelis) reported about Mohammad Farran, the fisherman from Tyre is not sufficient and we can’t build on it. the file of the missing people whose absence dates back to before 1982 and after 1982 is still open. It’s not clear whether they were handed to the (Israelis) or they were immediately executed by the collaborators. It’s not sufficient to ask the (Israeli) about their destiny; the friends of (Israel) and the previous collaborators –previously I wish- must be asked too. We do bear responsibility but now we have a national government that bears responsibility too; we are not state versus a state or a government versus a government; but we do take action when we are ignored. I will tackle the file of the rest of the missing people in Lebanon and the four Generals in another occasion.

On the occasion of Ramadan month, I would like to remind you of those arrested with the accusation of the planning an attempt on my life; long time has passed and their martial court will be held soon; I have said and I repeat that if I have the right I would like to forgive them, and I have asked my brothers to go on finishing all law papers and that I am ready to sign any papers to finish it and that I am ready to address the courts with a written letter to drop my right if I have any right to do so. I am serious, but the judiciary system will have its say at the end of the day. I don’t mean to intervene in the military judiciary system but I would like it to consider their period of prison as sufficient to have them sentenced and allow them to get back to their families in this month, fasting and celebrating the Fitr Day with them.

The role of judiciary system is establishing justice and not tyranny. I am not a judge but I am concerned with what is going on; having people and young people arrested for a long period without concrete evidence or without being sentenced is tyranny. I have heard that in Islamic Law that if one is sentenced with death it’s not allowed to slap him on the face even. If there’s a defect in the judiciary system we have to fix it; millions of dollars are spent on silly things in this state. My call today has no relation with any comprehensive document; I speak from a humanitarian, moral, religious and national position; there’s no connection whether the arrested is Muslim, Christian or secular or whatever sect they might belong to. Ask the families of the Lebanese Army martyrs and the family of Captain Samer Hanna if they seek anything other than justice and the right of their sons. We all seek justice and that’s what we are working on through the authority, law and judiciary.

We hope that the month of Ramadan will be an occasion to have justice set and to return to oneself.

Peace be upon all of you