Tuesday, June 3, 2008

John McCain's AIPAC speech

John McCain. He makes Dubya look smart, articulate and almost educated. He makes Rumsfeld look like a pot-smoking peacenik. He makes Hillary look principled. But most frighteningly, he makes Hitler look sane. Though I intensely dislike Obama and Hillary (the latter being at least as sold to the Israel Lobby as McCain), there is something in McCain which makes him truly frightening, a sense of radiating utter lunacy, something about the way he blinks his eyes, the way he clasps his lip to impersonate a deep felt emotion. Dubya is dumb, but he is not crazy. McCain looks as crazy as it gets.

If Hillary is the kind of politician which would start a war with Iran, McCain is the kind which would start a war with Russia. There is something apocalyptic about him and it is no wonder that the Bible-thumping rednecks in the USA love him so much. Next to his lunacy, the most amazing characteristic of McCain is is boundless adoration for Israel.

While all US politicians need to kowtow to the Israel Lobby, McCain's worship of Israel is something akin to Hitler's adulation of the Germanic race. And let me stress here that I am not making these comparisons to Hitler just because it involves Israel and I like to shock. I make the comparison to Hitler because that is the only one which comes to my mind when I listen to McCain. Sure, McCain does not scream like Hitler did, but that does not make him less of a raving lunatic hell-bent to do absolutely anything to serve his masters.
Whatever may be the case, I can only hope and pray that if McCain comes to power his Neocon puppeteers will keep him as an irrelevant front man, just as what was done with Reagan in his last years in the White House. The problem with that hope is that while the people around Reagan were evil as hell, they were not insane. But the Neocons? They just might be as crazy as McCain himself.

Just imagine what a McCain-Lieberman ticket could do once in the White House. Where Dubya was pitiful, McCain is frightening. Scary as this may sound, we may all come to miss the ape-like Dubya one day.

Anyway - here is the video of McCain's speech at AIPAC. See for yourself what kind of man McCain really is. Some, most, of you will be sickened by what you will see here, but I urge you to watch all of it, it to the last second. At this point in history, all of us need to take the full measure of McCain's abject brown-nosing of the Lobby of the last openly racist country on earth, we need to see for ourselves how the Neocons celebrate the Zionist pageant which the AIPAC conference is. We all need to see for ourselves what kind of shameless sniveling bitch McCain really is and how that "great patriot" genuflects to the very organization which spied on the USA and pushed the USA into war in Iraq. This is sickening, but everybody needs to see it.

Click here to watch the video

In the meantime, Ha'aretz reports that the Knesset on Wednesday approved in a preliminary reading an amendment to the Basic Law whereby Jerusalem would be considered not just the capital of Israel, but the capital of the Jewish people. The amendment was submitted by the chairman of the National Unity - National Religious Party. It won coalition support and was passed by a majority of 58 to 12. "There is the Jerusalem of citizens and the Jerusalem of above, which we want all Jews to see as their home," Orlev said of the amendment.

Whether one understands the word "Jew" as a religious or as an ethnic quality, this resolution is bizarre to the extreme. What kind of grotesque worldview would make an (occupied) city a 'capital' to millions of people not even holding the citizenship of the country where this presume capital is located? There is something uniquely medieval in Jewish racism, something which reeks of a long ago past dark age and which makes Apartheid look outright modern.

Just imagine the outcry worldwide if Ahmadinejad declared Tehran the "capital of all Aryans"...