Friday, January 18, 2008

Full text of Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah speech following Bush' visit to the Middle East

Source: Islamic Resistance in Lebanon

When Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) returns to earth, he will not uphold "Israel", the Pharaohs or the despots... But he will empower the oppressed; he will not confront the temple's thieves with his staff, but will carry his sword and gun to fight these despots. Hizbullah's secretary-general appeared on the seventh night of Ashoura to speak out frankly to the people about what is happening in the region as well as the repercussions and effects of Bush's visit. He said:

"On this night I would like to touch on the political situation in view of the developments in our region and Lebanon. What happened in our region in recent days will set the scene for the events and developments of an entire year, especially the coming months.

The basic development is Bush's visit along with its ensuing results, repercussions and effects.

At this point, I must express Hizbullah's denouncement and condemnation of any explosion that occurs on Lebanese soil, regardless of the intended or unintended target of this bombing, especially if this explosion led to the fall of innocent victims and to serious implications on the country's security and stability, as well as its various and diverse circumstances.

This is usual when any explosion happens certain forces and parties quickly attempt to employ the incident politically before investigation and scrutiny, before knowing anything about the backgrounds or facts of this security incident. Unfortunately, this has been the case with our country for years.

Today, senior state officials claim to understand the political and security issue. They keep justifying their inability to uncover any facts or threads that can explain to us the occurring bombings here and there, but instead they seem to have mastered to a great degree the analysis of affairs and their political employment in the direction they want.

Bush's visit to the region is undoubtedly an important visit. I go as far as making the claim that it is a historic one because it intends to draw the regional map for the coming stage ... I do not exaggerate in that, and therefore, all of us in the region, the peoples, rulers, political elites, cultural and media elites should pay close attention to the words, acts, threats, promises and expectations launched by Bush during this visit to our region.

I do not agree with what some people can or sometimes say about Bush being a foolish, insane or madman, and therefore discount what he says. The issue is not so, otherwise it would be a huge simplification of the political realities in the world and the region. To help us understand this visit, its results and implications, along with its lingering effects and repercussions, we must consider the following introduction.

The following conclusion was issued in the United States by major study and research centers. It was reached based on research, facts, figures and reference books, that the present American administration from seven years ago until today, through to the end this year, is a coalition of three groups, with their interests intersecting within the United States:

Group I: The major oil companies.

Because the basic figures in this administration either own oil companies or companies that manufacture or trade in arms. The first group is the major oil companies.

Group II: The major arms manufacturers.

Group III: A religious trend known in the United States as Christian Zionism.

I do not want to use this term so as not to offend a divine religion called Christianity through the use of this term, but I will speak of a particular religious trend.

It is this group of Christian Zionists in the United States today, who form a key part of this strong alliance. The intersecting interests come from each party's need to the other, together with what this alliance achieves from objectives set by major oil companies for our region, such as controlling oil wells, oil exports hence oil prices, and consequently control of the market.

The major arms companies are interested in manufacturing the largest possible quantity of weapons, to market and sell for huge profits. As for the religious trend that is strongly present in the United States, it has tens of millions of supporters, large enterprises and mass media. It believes to have the duty to help and pave the ground for the return of Jesus Christ to Earth. It considers that among the requirements for the return of Jesus Christ to Earth is the establishment of a state for the Jews and that state is the State of "Israel".

This precondition has been accomplished, what is needed now is its maintenance and completion through gathering all the Jews of the world to live in Palestine. Therefore, we believe that the policies of this religious trend is to encourage the Jews of the world to immigrate to occupied Palestine, because what is required is not only the creation of a Jewish State, but the congregation of Jews from all over the world to be in this required state.

This trend of religious thought believes that this state must be protected, has to be strong and superior. Thus, any potential regional threat or force that may rise to threaten the existence of this entity must be destroyed, be it a state, group of states, a people or whatever else. They believe that the existence of a strong and capable Jewish State in occupied Palestine is the necessary pre-condition for the return of the Christ (PBUH). The unlimited support they lend the State of "Israel" is not out of their love for the Jews, in defense of Semitism, or to make up for the massacres, but because they exploit the Jews to promote their ideological project. Here, I draw your attention to two points:

1- No one from our Arab and Islamic states should hold the Christians as Christians responsible for what this religious trend does.

2- This exists in religious Prophecy whether in Judaic, Christian or Islamic. However, everything these people do will reap them sadness and regret because Jesus Christ (PBUH) will not endorse "Israel", the major oil companies nor the arms companies, neither will he uphold the Pharos, Nimrods and despots of the earth etc... But he will rather greatly champion the oppressed, the vulnerable and those suffering here on earth.

These are the three groups allied in the American Administration today.

Their interests intersect on the subjects of Palestine, Iraq, Iran and the perimeter of occupied Palestine. Therefore, George Bush today is the symbol which faithfully reflects the interests of these three groups.

When he says he is fulfilling God's will and claims to sometimes receive God's revelation and orders, he means to show his commitment to this religious and ideological trend I pointed out earlier.
We may not ever underestimate the impact of the religious trend on the other two directions, since it has a strong decisive impact. Here, we can take the subject of Iraq as an example for it is one of the biggest events and developments that has occurred in the past five years.

Oil companies' interests lie in controlling Iraq's oil.

He considers that according to prophecies, the army to destroy the State of "Israel" at the end of time will come from the same place of the army that destroyed their first entity.
That army came from the Orient. Hence, they reached the conclusion that Iraq must be destroyed. Therefore, we also witness religious incitement against Iran, to present Iran as the existential threat to "Israel" and thus it must be destroyed and torn apart; hence inventing a pretext for war on Iran just the way one was for war on Iraq. We see three main headings in Bush's visit:

1- "Israel's" security
2- Arms deals
3- Oil and oil prices.

George Bush is the trusted representative of the three interests, allied they make up his administration as well as their project in this region.

The heading is selling arms. Today, they inauspiciously speaks of selling arms to Gulf States for tens of billion of dollars, which will definitely be American-made, and certainly with reassurance to "Israel", for it is one of the conditions of the sale of arms to Arab countries.

Since the use of these weapons against "Israel" is forbidden, then against whom are they to be used?

The important thing is for him to invoke tension and intimidation in the region, to frighten Arab countries from Iran in order to have a pretext for the sale, and for Arab governments to have an excuse to present to its people for buying all these weapons, despite the existing unemployment, poverty and social tragedies in these countries.

Arab funds go to finance American arms companies.

On the oil subject, he said that the issue of oil prices is having a specific ceiling level. It is not in the Americans' interest for oil prices to drop too low or rise too high, as they are using the relatively high oil prices to strike at the economies of competing nations such as China, the European Union countries. As to the poor and suffering people, they fall second place as far as Americans are concerned.

Yet, on the most serious subject, the one linked to "Israel", he presented a clear vision.

Before going into that, I will address three subjects:

1 - The Iranian title
2 - The Palestinian title
3 - The Lebanese title

On the Iranian title, Iran is targeted for the oil subject, arms, because of the particular religious trend in the United States and because Iran refused to accede to the American administration. Bush came to make the Iranian threat bigger in the Arab region and to "Israel", since he was not able to play much on the nuclear dossier because of the intelligence report.

In one of the Gulf states, Sarkozy said that the Arabs are entitled to have nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, because in 30 years time, oil will run out, energy sources will become non-existent, and the future of the world will depend on nuclear power. When I heard him, I said that I heard Imam Khamenei say these same words four years ago. Why accept this talk from Sarkozy and not from Sayyed Khamenei?

If they want to accuse Iran of nuclear weapons, Iran will state that it has been clear and transparent, and that Sayyed Khamenei very clearly prohibited the manufacture and use of nuclear weapons.

The West says: 'we will give you the materials for nuclear manufacture, but as Arabs you are forbidden to produce this material'. This is to enable them to keep control of this issue, the political decisions and everything else.

On the Iranian level, Bush tried to work this incitement but got nowhere, and here the responsibility lies on Arab states not to give cover for any war on Iran. George Bush says that Iran may yield to pressure. If he was talking about the possibility of waging war on Iran, the latter will defend itself. I tell you, if America launched war on Iran, it would be the greatest folly committed by the United States in its history.

Arab governments must be faithful to the interests of their peoples. Any war in the region is a service to America and "Israel"... it is a service to American oil and arms companies and to the vindictive Zionist religious trend in the United States of America. At the Palestinian level, in the upshot of it, the Jewish State of "Israel" is a racist state, based on race and blood. This certainly affects the Arabs in Palestine, whether they are Muslims or Christians.

Amendment of the 1967 border of the occupied territories. No right of return.

After Bush introduced this vision here, he promised to return in May to continue his efforts. Bush says between now and May we must wait for something either natural or for certain steps to be taken in the American project which he has been marketing on his visit.

Implementation of this scheme is what is required, for Bush to come back in May to reap the harvest of what he has sown.

At the Palestinian level, the most important repercussions of Bush's visit to the region are:

First of all, he torpedoed the Arab initiative. Had anyone else in the world attacked this initiative, the Arab media would have caused an uproar against any such party, but when Bush completely destroyed that initiative with the step he introduced, we did not hear any comments, so as not to cause the guest embarrassment!

What is more serious in my opinion is that between now and May a green light has been given against the Gaza Strip. Ending the situation there is lent importance between now and May. Today's events there and all the martyrs who fell in the Gaza Strip, indicate a green light given on the Strip... God knows who facilitated, and who blessed this green light ... therefore, we must place a thousand question marks and say, after the end of Bush's visit, that the Gaza Strip has entered the danger circle.

I appeal to our brothers in the Gaza Strip to take extreme caution during this phase, because none remain politically standing above anyone else. Therefore, I think that between now and January 30th, when the final Winograd Commission report is due to be released, it is presumed extreme caution will be required in the Gaza Strip, as Olmert will need a victory to protect himself from any criticism, and there is much talk about the shockwaves this report will generate."

In all cases, I say that responsibility here lies on the Arab governments and peoples, on the Palestinians in the Strip and outside and on the various Palestinian factions. Everyone must bear responsibility as to what needs to be done, but most important of all is having the will to act.

On the Lebanese level, the Lebanese usually like to hear reassurances from us, and we are a people interested in speaking honestly and openly.

Sometimes we are treated unjustly because of our honesty. Before I heard that Bush is intending to return in May, I wanted to speak on developments that have occurred in the past few weeks, and in particular those related to Welsh's first visit and second when he came to Lebanon with Elliot Abrams.

We all know with whom he met at the time. The primary objective of this visit was to regroup the forces within 'March (Feb.) 14' camp, to close ranks again after being shaken as a result of having had to accept Major General Suleiman nomination for the presidency.

Here in Lebanon, the front the Americans depend on had a problem. So, Welsh was sent to Beirut, but was unsuccessful because he had been making conflicting announcement to Abrams. So, they were sent here to present a single voice.
They attempted to bring this team in power together, yet quickly after Welsh's visit we saw how they returned to escalation and so on.

According to available information we have, this team was told: 'you (US-backed government team) should stick together and stand firm between now and May', and that 'after May the situation will be to your advantage.' This is not the first time the Americans make a promise to this team, to later run into difficulties on making good. So, the other team sat back, no longer interested in dialogue or negotiations, even started wanting the others to beg to hold meetings with one of them.

What are the variables in the region that may occur, upon which they could base their stands?

Existing information: according to discussions held with that group, it was said 'that there will be a blow directed at Iran between now and May. Iran will be hit; Syria besieged, and their allies in Lebanon weakened. Hence, matters will go to your (government team) advantage one hundred percent.'

My immediate remark is: do you believe the Americans?
What if they are lying to you?
If they hit Iran, can you guarantee the results?
Who said that a war with Iran will accomplish American expectations?
Who says? ... A war with Iran could in fact bring about changes to the entire region, not only to Americans but to all those who side with the Americans as well.
Can anyone make guarantees on this subject?

I say you should not bank on the things that will possibly not occur, and should they occur, they may not go to your advantage at all.

The other thing was the insinuation of a new 'Israeli' aggression. Here in this country, you saw their shamed faces after the resistance withstood the last July war, which incidentally did not target Hizbullah alone, but attempted to cause a radical change in the country and thus the region.

Did Rice not say that Lebanon's war was the labour pangs of the new Middle East? Today, Olmert struggles to remain in power; his failure in war is the talk of the town in "Israel". Anyone banking on a new war through which they rearrange political implications to their favour would be very seriously eluding themselves.

Talking about an "Israeli" aggression is simply hollow intimidation, since "Israel" has not needed excuses to launch an aggression; the 1982 invasion is a clear example of that.
Today, I assure you that the dreams and choices of some and any who wager on "Israel", after the last July war in Lebanon, are doomed to misery, illusion and failure. There is also a third thing.

It was said that between now and May, many things will change, and it is the acceleration of the formation of the International Tribunal (IT).
Thus we support any court that reveals the truth, but we fear political employment of the IT, as was signaled recently by President Sarkozy a few days ago.

We could hear such talk today, a big hurry is on: an Attorney General has been appointed, the budget is being discussed, judges names mentioned, between now and May summons will start to be issued and pressure will begin to be placed on Syria...this is already happening now.

Many of the Lebanese parties, with or without due cause, backed by American wish, will use the IT, 'come May and we as fundamental opposition parties will be busy with ourselves, Syria also busy with itself, the field will be empty and abandoned for your 'March' (Feb.) 14 team to do as you please.'

Counting on such a scenario is counting wrong, in particular after the scandal that was uncovered in past days round this issue.

Imagine this, I have no personal stand towards Marjayoun barracks commander. It is the duty of the judiciary to say whether he was negligent or not. I am not the party to judge him, and after all, the responsibility may lie with the minister who gave him the orders; but we what we know now is that he was promoted!

When the concerned Minister was asked about the promotion, he exclaimed why not?

When the judiciary finalizes and issues a ruling, we will then know what we can do!
But for now, why not take a similar action with all the officers?

Today, there are four high ranking senior officers in prison where you yourselves (ruling group) placed. The International Inquiry Commission says it has no work to do with them. Additionally, more than one international side or body asking you for their release. They accuse you of arbitrariness yet you send them to prison without evidence or trial. You did not wait for the investigation or evidence. You politically tried and executed them, along with their families politically and morally.

Is this the kind of justice and fairness that leads to knowledge and truth?

Today, I join voices with his Eminence the cleric Sheikh Abdel Amir Qabalan, and all the voices that call for equity in the country. We are not demanding a cover up for anyone, we demand justice.
Where is the evidence?
Have these officers being accused?
Are there any witnesses?

Every day a bombing occurs in Lebanon. May be that this is in the interest of the four officers; you accused them of running networks so you arrested them, now these networks are still in operation.

This matter must be resolved; this manner of conduct and the way these officers have been treated comes from the existing political and scandalous behavior in Lebanon.

Going back to the IT subject; if their intention is to work in this manner in April and May, then the first victim of the IT's politicization would be the truth the Lebanese were unanimous about knowing, that truth would will be sacrificed and forgone in the politicization process.

However, a politicized court does not reveal the truth. It covers the murderers and will be used to
serve the American political suspicious projects in the area.
The new Prosecutor's conduct and that of the IT will reveal whether it is a judicial or political conduct. People here will take the decision then and will act accordingly, since no one can force anyone else to surrender or give submission in the case of political application of the court.

If there is any such variable in the region, it could be the subject of Palestine which will certainly have an impact on Lebanon and Syria. Moreover, they told them about Iran; they told them about the possibility of attacks on Lebanon and they also said about the IT.
I say to them let us come together as Lebanese to calmly think about the interest of this country, as banking on outside forces for the outside conduct and developments in the region is useless.

I say that changes in the region would not be in your interest, but in our favor. Your interests now lie in making an agreement with the opposition in the case you are waiting for developments at regional level in particular or at the international level in general.

Today, the opportunity is still open. It is called for the Arab initiative, which we welcomed and tomorrow His Excellency the Arab League Secretary-General will come to Lebanon. Again, I welcome him and the Arab foreign ministers for the efforts they themselves expended in making and writing the text of this initiative. They said to the Secretary-General to go and implement the initiative whose text is clear; for those who read Arabic and know logic, rhetoric and syntax; the text has one interpretation.

He also said that it is possible that some ministers had different intentions and therefore this is the text they reached.
I do not want to engage in interpretation of the text.

This initiative is still in place and I am calling Arab officials to seriously assist Lebanon and not allow this initiative become a measure for passing time, nor a tool to pressure the opposition as was suggested by some proposals we heard the French utter but that not work.

The Arabs are required to assist and not to pressure one side without the other. Syria was asked to help its allies to accept the Arab initiative and I call on the rest of the Arab countries to help with its allies in Lebanon and convince them to accept the spirit of the Arab initiative of "no winner and no looser" at its basis.

Of course, we heard the French Minister threaten with internationalization. We ask him to have patience with us since he had once said that he loved Lebanon. The Arab initiative may not be a step on the road to internationalization, as that would be useless.

If Lebanon has the will, patriotic strength and independence with a majority of the Lebanese in possession of a particular vision or interest, no one in the whole world can impose its will against their interests.

Within closed doors, I said to the Arab mediator that should anyone have worked on the Arab initiative to put pressure on the opposition, it would be useless. And if anyone wants to blame its failure on the opposition or a side in Lebanon, to them I say do not waste time.

I said to the Secretary-General that if the remainder of the time given to the Arab Initiative is spent on seeking who is responsible for the Arab Initiative's failure, I ask you to put the blame on Hizbullah and say that the pro-government team accepted, the opposition team also accepted but Hizbullah did not.

I tell the Lebanese officials today that no need to blame the opposition for the initiative's failure, nor for the opposition to blame the loyalists. If you are looking for a side to hold responsible, I invite you to leave that with me.

I told the Secretary-General, we are not afraid. We endured war in July, that was based on a decision made by the international community, the international industrial nations, some Arab brothers and the whole world yet we did not budge. We stood unafraid our feet strong. We are ever present to bear the responsibility and consequences anyone wants to blame us for.

The American administration wants to keep the current Siniora government in or reproduce a similar one after the election of the President; one that works with and goes along the entire American project in the region.

I say to the Christians and Muslims that the Americans are not concerned for Muslims and Christians but for "Israel's" interest and superiority as well as the oil and arms market at the expense of conflicts in the region.

Today, we renew the call for dialogue. There is a clearly authorized representative of the opposition, to represent us in negotiations with the pro-government team. Dialogue and understanding are required and so are results.

In the end, I advise the other team. If you are banking on changes in Lebanon, changes in the will, resilience and cohesion of the opposition, if you are gambling on changes in the regional situation, you would be misleading yourself.

Let us bank on each other and apart from any changes come together to create an understanding, together cooperate and make concessions to reach an internal settlement.

We are able to withstand and confront. We are capable of making a victory and are able to prevent an imposition on our country and people what does not agree with their interests and dignity.