Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Americans treated like cattle, electric torture used everywhere

One of the most worrying trends in the US society since 911 has been the grotesque bloating of the power of the various intelligence, police and security forces in the USA. Even the TSA goons at the airport randomly yell at people not immediately obeying them.

The 'trademark' of the new post 911 US is that those in authority now want to be obeyed immediately and if the citizen does not comply immediately they use tasers on them not to subdue them, or protect anyone, but to make them comply.

Tasers have now become the cattle prods use to make Americans comply immediately and fully to whatever any uniformed person tells them to do. Should they even object or question the order, they are immediately subjected to what is little more than electric torture not unlike the '
picana electrica' beloved by South American dictators and their thugs.

A portable torture instrument for any uniformed goon. What a truly wonderful idea, isn't it?!

Most people probably remember the student tasered for asking Senator Kerry the 'wrong' questions and they might even have heard that the enforcers who tasered him were fully vindicated by the subsequent enquiry.

Here is yet another example of how any moron with a badge can now treat a arguing citizen:

All this is extremely important telling because Americans who used not to fear their cops (unless they were Black or Latino, of course) are now literally conditioned, trained, to become highly obedient, compliant and fearful.

As in any police state the citizenry is becoming used to
fear its authorities and worship their power. And that is definitely a sign of the Fascism which is taken over the daily life of all Americans.