Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Lobby is in a panic - look what they are sending out

Dear friends,

Take a look at the email I just received:


Dear ,

With the Walt/Mearsheimer book, "The Israel Lobby", attaining national bestseller status, and the simultaneous release of THE DEADLIEST LIES: The Israel Lobby and the Myth of Jewish Control, the national debate has begun. We have seen your review/mention of THE ISRAEL LOBBY, and we are writing to urge you to consider covering Foxman's book as well.

· Does the so-called Israel Lobby control US Foreign Policy?

· Are Israel's interests the real reason why America went to war?

· Why do the hyped-up assertions of Jewish control have such a
familiar ring?

I want to make sure that Foxman's THE DEADIEST LIES is on your "radar screen" and we hope that we can convince you to read and review this important work. It is only fair that Foxman's perspective on the situation be known. THE DEADLIEST LIES is a book that challenges the M/W debate and offers an expert viewpoint on a timely and controversial issue.

If you would like to receive a copy of THE DEADLIEST LIES, please get in touch ASAP at or by calling me at 212 691 9707


THE DEADLIEST LIES: THE ISRAEL LOBBY AND THE MYTH OF JEWISH CONTROL by Abraham H. Foxman, published by Palgrave Macmillan on September 4th. As head of the Anti-Defamation League, Mr. Foxman is a staunch and lifelong defender of human rights. In writing this book, he is blowing the whistle on an alarming trend taking place RIGHT UNDER OUR, with the potential for a perilous outcome -- the public scapegoating of the Jews under the clever veneer of political or sociological critique.

Kate Axelrod
Account Executive
Carol Fass Publicity & Public Relations
26 W. 17th Street, Suite 802
New York, NY 10011
p. 212-691-9707
f. 413-691-9705


Funny, no? The Lobby now is reduced to hand out free copies of its "response" to the Mearisherimer & Walt book. Considering that this AIPAC/ADL/CPMJO magnum opus gets only 2/5 stars on Amazon at the moment (and comments like " Only because zero stars isn't an option", "A faulty logic - should get zero stars" and "Deflecting Truth is a Full Time Job for Some") one could see the logic behind the offer of free copies.

For another example of the Lobby scrambling in an emergency damage control effort check out this brochure (pdf) from the "Stand With Us" website.

All this is definitely good news and it shows that the Lobby realizes that its worst nightmare is happening: it is becoming visible and its role has become part of the (almost) mainstream public debate.

I very much doubt that this will be enough to prevent an aggression against Iran, but at least, once the magnitude of the disaster that his war will results in becomes obvious to all, it will make it much easier to investigate the forces which used all their influence to make it happen.