Monday, July 2, 2007

Jordanian newspaper alledges US forces to occupy Gaza

Frankly, even I cannot imagine that the Imperial High Command could be that stupid. But then, considering the stage of high panic which the Neocons have obviously reached, maybe there is basis to this insane plan after all?

FYI - here is the news item which caught my eye:

US to deploy int'l force in Gaza

The United States is to deploy international forces in the Gaza Strip so as to pave the way for the enforcement of its strategy in the region.

The Jordanian daily newspaper ad-Dostour on Monday quoted US sources as saying that President Bush's government is promoting a former US plan, which was unveiled at the time of the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

The sources said the US administration adopted Palestinian Authority Chief Mahmoud Abbas' call to deploy international forces in the Gaza Strip, and subsequently the West Bank.

Abbas proposed the deployment of an international force during a meeting in Paris with French President Nicolas Sarkozy, as a way of allowing new elections in the Palestinian territories.

Ad-Dostour reported that "while the deployment of international forces is not accepted by the Palestinian public, the US government asserts that it does not entail the deployment of US forces directly.

"Instead, the US has discussed international forces involving NATO. The new Middle East envoy of the Quartet, Tony Blair, will be in charge of the task. The US Security Coordinator, Keith Dayton, will also take part in the preparation of the plan."

Ismail Haniya of Hamas has turned down Abbas' proposal, saying an international force is not acceptable.

"We in Gaza and the Palestinian territories are under occupation and we don't need any more forces to pressure the Palestinian people,'' Haniya said.

"We are able to solve our problems,'' he observed.