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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The picture which says it all

Photo from the streets of Cairo: 


jack said...

I don't see how you can blame what is happening in Egypt on Obama?

The problem with Egypt is that it is a leaderless resistance who are only joined by what they don't want yet have no coherent intelligent leadership like the Founding Father with a coherent idea of how the country should be governed rather replacing a military regime under Mubarak with a theocratic government maintaining a level of stability using the military as foot soldiers that looks like something like Pakistan.

In a poll conduct by PEW research and published in January of 2011 most of the Egyptian population 82% supports stoning for adultery, 77% for laws of whippings and cutting off of hands for crimes like theft and robbery and 84% for the death penalty for those who leave the Muslim religion that is the core of their problems.

They also have a poll in regards to how Muslim countries view Hezbollah from December 2010.

I don’t see any great hope emerging from Egypt that was quite predictable what would emerge at the time.

What Egypt needs is a Putin or even a Chavez.

Jan Verheul said...

Hello Jack,

any 'revolution' that is done not by one coup-'agent', but by several groups, must end in internal strife and maybe chaos.
We know that Otpor played a role in Egypt. And Real News correspondent Jihan Hafiz tells us that NED and USAID have funded revolutionaries:
In fact 'the bitch' herself told us about it:

If you read The Yinon Plan and A Clean Break, you understand that Israel is afraid of strong arab countries, but feels safe with arab neighbours that drown in internice strife.
And what if extremists would gain lots of power? Wouldn't that be dangerous for Israel?
No, it would be exactly the excuse they long for, so that they can throw an atom-bomb in self-defense.

I did not think about this myself. I heard it from Sheikh Imran Hussein, who in 2003 predicted the arab spring:

About PEW: I remember that their investigations invariably result in a negative view on islamic people. Could it be that they are, after all, a muslim-bashing 'tool'?

Best wishes, Jan Verheul

Anonymous said...

agreed with Jan. as an egyptian muslim i was waiting for a revolution for egypt since i began to understand politics many years ago...i was hoping for a day when egypt would break free from its zionist / usa shackles imposed on it by the zionist slave sadat and further continued by the next zionist slave, mubarak. i felt disgusted with what was once the country that lead the arab world and african world resistance against imperialism (under Nasser).

so when thr revolution finally happened i wad ecstatic...then this quickly changed to despair as it now appears that this revolution was stolen..replaced one zionist serving secular dictator with a zionist serving islamist dictator...another slave to the usraeli empire...

qatar funding, saudi funding, military alliance, syria stance, imf funding, shia and iran antagonism, brutal crackdown on egyptian protestors, camp david treaty attitude, etc.. are things that clearly show the true face of the new zionist slaves of egypt...remembering that its not an islamist government that usraeli empire fesrs, rather, its an independant country that the usraeli unholy alliance fears the most, especially when talking about the biggest arab country...after all, the treacherous camp david treaty that sadat imposed on his people aimed mainly at removing egypt from the arab cause permanently, thereby paving the way for the wahabi scum to try and lead the arab / sunni world.

the only comment i would make about sheikh imran husseins view is that he appeard to suggest that the arab spring was orchestrated...i happen to think that it was a genuine uprising that was quickly stolen to work for the usraeli empire...having said that, at least egyptians now have no fear so even if it takes years, im hopeful...

the writing was on the wall for me also when i saw that terrorist qaradawi trying to position himself as the khomeini of comparison ofcourse..

and yes i do believe that the propping up of so called sunni islamists is serving the ultimate purpose of setting up the landscape for the greater israel project...except i think that its doomed to backfire...

sorry for thr long post..and to will note i took the liberty to use your admirable 'usraeli' term..hope you dont mind...tarek


@Tarek: to will note i took the liberty to use your admirable 'usraeli' term..hope you dont mind

Of course not, and that is assuming that I have coined this word, which, in reality, I must have read somewhere. But even if I did come up with something original, I would only be delighted if somebody used it, same with anything I write - its all for the giving, no need to ask for any permission or anything else :-)


The Saker