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Thursday, December 6, 2007

How Israel's Apartheid works: the example of the Jewish National Fund (JNF)

After Jimmy Carter published his book Palestine - Peace not Apartheid, a heated debate took place in the media and the blogosphere on the applicability of the term "Apartheid" to the situation in Israel and the Occupied Territories. In the weeks preceding the Annapolis Conference several Israel politicians, including Olmert, reminded everybody that Israel was, in their own words, “a state of the Jews, for the Jews, and by the Jews” which the PA had to recognize as such as a precondition for any negotiated agreement.

All this might sound a little abstract. After all, what is wrong with a state "for the Jews" who, having suffered through the Nazi genocide and other persecutions throughout the centuries, want a safe place to call their own? What is wrong with a Law of Return which grants all Jews no matter where they live such a place?

The Israeli Apartheid system is a very complex and sophisticated machine which, unlike its South African counterpart, has many of its essential parts outside of Israel. It is also far more insidious and well "packaged" and, I would argue, far more brutal and vicious.

Today, as an illustration of how all this really works, I am publishing two documents about the so-called Jewish National Fund. First, a Palestinian report entitled "Financing Racism and Apartheid" (which you can download here) and a video report made for TV about the infamous "Canada Park" in Israel.

Watch the video, read the report, and please remember that this is only one example of a much larger reality.



Anonymous said...

On a side note, it's interesting to read tha Bush agreed to a future ethnic cleansing of Israel's Palestinian population & appears to have gotten Congress to sign off on it:

"the United States President George Bush promised Ariel Sharon in a letter on the 14th of April 2004 "an agreed, just, fair and realistic framework for a solution to the Palestinian refugee issue as part of any final status agreement will need to be found through the establishment of a Palestinian state, and the settling of Palestinian refugees there, rather than in Israel." Despite the illegality of these promises, they were ratified on June 23, 2004 by both the United States House and Senate.
A Generous Offer?

If implemented this could mean that a two state solution would be contingent on the ethnic cleansing of Israel's indigenous Arab & Christian population.

Anand said...

Vineyard, sorry to change the topic, but anyone who is the least interested in the ISF should read this:

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have regarding the ISF in comments.

Many very smart people (and some not so smart semi flat brain people like me) can address any questions anyone might have.

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe, but using words like "ethnic cleansing" or "apartheid" are still largely verboten in the US when the discussion turns to Israel. I wonder why?



that's an easy one: the Neocons have an iron grip over the corporate media. also, any politician daring to say anything like that will get his/her career shot down by the AIPAC & Co. crowd.

however, there is a real possibility that they might have overdone it with the Iraq war (and the threat of a war with Iran) and the Anglos are definitely pushing back. Thus this might change in the future, as Carter's books shows it.

Tom said...

Not really much question about a major network in the U.S. airing something like the Canadian TV broadcast, is there?


Nope, I guess not. The interesting thing is that in Canada they also have various ADL like organizations and still, this video was, I suppose, aired. I think it was in the early nineties and I really do not know whether that was an isolated case. I know that the coverage of Palestine in Europe is different by several orders of magnitude from the Likud-vetted crap they show in the USA.

Abe Bird said...

Common vineyardsaker, be serious…!
The problem with such guys as you is that you discount Jews or even hate them and sure you despise Israel and though you can't honestly judge her. It is your rights. But you can't turn the facts up side down in order to falsify and smear Israel. Your ridiculous claim that the Neocons (Sure you mean to say Jews, but you're too "shy" to bluntly express yourself) control the media in the US is quite absurd. Most of the radio and TV stations criticize the government I see, except "FOXnews". The leftists "liberal" performers use to criticize Israel and the US government for supporting Israel. They stand behind the Arab Palestinian claims, declarations and deeds. They think that any 'logical' politician should adopt their own political views. This is kind of "liberal tyranny" and self persuading, but it has nothing to do with facts and reality in the ME.

When Arabs say that they don't want Israelis (and they mean Jews) in their future Palestinian state it's OK with those "liberals". When Arab terrorists murder Jews just because they are Jews they justify their deeds with the "occupation crime" excuse, although they hide the fact that Arabs used to murder Jews before 1967, and even before 1948. But they don't stop for a moment to ask themselves hard questions about that.

The state of Israel was created for the Jewish people as national state. What's wrong with that? Why the Arabs have the right to hold 22 states (now they want the 23rd for their own without Jew – and that is not Apartheid for you. Ridiculous!)???

I guess you deny the right of Jews for their national stat. In that case no one should count you vote on this. A Jewish state doesn't mean that Arabs are not equal citizens. They are equa, although the conflict makes some difficulties on each side to complete the process.
I don't know why British, French, Russians, Egyptians, Iraqis and so have the right for their own national state and the Jews don't (although I have never heard that there is real and unique "Iraqi people" – the Sunnis, the Kurds and the Shiites repellent that idea).
The "larger reality" if you check it from within is much harsher with the Arab side.

I didn't forget your pathetic comments on Jimmy Carter. Carter's book shows nothing but the foolishness of that guy (We saw how clumsy he dealt with the American hostages in Teheran in 79'-80'). He understands nothing beyond his own farm.


Anand said...

Abe, only the extremists want to wipe Israel out. They do not reflect the silent majority of good Palestinians who want peace and friendship with their Israeli brothers/sisters.

Jimmy Carter is trying to speak out for the silent majority of good Israelis and Palestinians who want friendship and brotherhood with the other.

Jimmy Carter is imperfect and makes many mistakes. But I respect his courage and determination to keep striving to facilitate what the large majority of Israelis and Palestinians want.

I believe the former President has a good heart, and wants to do right by Israelis and Palestinians.

He like the rest of us is sickened by the blood of Abraham fighting among themselves.


@Abe Bird: did you even bother reading this blog before publishing all this nonsense? Really, calm down, take a look around this blog, and take some time to think before posting such rubbish.

I would be more than glad to have a rational conversation with you, but I really cannot do that unless you get at least partially grounded in reality.

The Saker

Anonymous said...