Thursday, December 4, 2014

Violent clashes in Grozny

Dear friends,

There is a lot of speculation about what really happened in Grozny in the past hours and some are even suspecting that the US has somehow re-ignited the Wahabi underground for a new insurrection.

This is far from being the case.

What really happened is that one of the major Wahabi terrorist groups which was traveling in three cars was blocked at a checkpoint.  The Wahabis opened fire and killed all the cops.  However, the alarm was given and special forces were brought in at which point the Wahabis feld into a nearby building.  They were surrounded and eventually killed.

This means that at the cost of the lives of 10 dead Chechen police and security officials one of the major Wahabi terrorist organizations as been destroyed.

Furthermore, please keep in mind that modern Chechnia is one of the safest places in Russia.  Not only do the Chechen authorities have a very large and sophisticated security apparatus (counter-terrorist/SWAT, counter-intelligence, rapid-reaction, intelligence, etc.) but they have the support of the vast majority of the local population.  And should that not be enough, the Federal Authorities have a massive and truly formidable military presence in and around Chechnia.  For obvious political reasons the Federals try to keep a low profile and let the Chechens deal with Chechen terrorists, but they are there and they can be instantly activated if needed.  The bottom line is that Chechnia is safe and stable.

The situation is much more dangerous in neighboring Daghestan, although it is improving.  If the AngloZionists decide to try to re-trigger an insurgency, they are much more likely to try to do that in Dagestan or outside Russia, in Kazakhstan or Tadjikistan (although these two states have also been preparing for any security threats and can count on more or less total Russia support.

Here is some raw footage of the events in Grozny.  See for yourself that we are talking about combats around one building.  Not all over Grozny.

The Saker