Friday, October 10, 2014

Serbian Saker blog joins the Saker community

Dear friends,

I have the pleasure to inform our community that the Serbian Saker Blog is now officially online at the following address:

This blog also contains a large archives of my previous articles all translated into Serbian.

I am especially honored and delighted to welcome the entire Serbian Saker Blog Team to the Saker community because of the obvious (and frightening) similarities between the events of the US/NATO war against Serbia in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo with what is taking place today in the Ukraine.  In fact, there were Serbian "Krajinas" in Croatia (and Bosnia) and the Serbian language toponym krajina (meaning "frontier" from krai "region/border") has exactly the same root and usage as the Russian ukraina (u meaning "by the" or "near the" and kraina meaning border/edge/region). Finally, US officials have now admitted that the real purpose of the AngloZionist war on Serbia was to send a message to Russia "disobey us and we will do the same to you", which is what they are doing now, of course.  The war against Serbia was just a rehearsal for the current war against Russia.

Russians, Ukrainians and all those who truly care for the truth and who reject the Empire's lies-filled narrative about the wars against Serbia and Russia have a lot to learn form the Serbian experience and I hope that thanks to the Serbian Saker Blog a lot of Serbs will join the Saker community and the rest of the anti-imperialist movement.

I consider restoring the historical truth about the AngloZionist wars against the Serbian people as a personal life mission of mine and an integral part of this blog's purpose.

The Saker