Wednesday, September 17, 2014

On a lighter note: the BBC propaganda is still the best

Actually, there is some very serious stuff taking place - infighting in the Novorussian leadership is getting worse and worse but I need time to write up something more or less coherent.  So that is for later today or tomorrow.

In the meantime, here are a few short ones:

The BBC is the best!

I saw the following to on the BBC's website yesterday:

"This was ferocious work, involving more precise firepower than the rebels could possibly muster.  It's possible Russian helicopters were involved".  This is priceless.  Apparently, nobody in the UK (or in the Ukraine) ever bothered to explain to this civilian that all it takes is a recon group with an artillery spotter and a single MLRS strike to achieve exactly what he saw.  Also, apparently nobody explained to that presstitute that this combo is exactly how the NAF managed to beat the crap of the JRF.  But the best part is the "possible Russian helicopter", especially the typical modern use of the word "possible" which in modern zombified parlance is always understood as equivalent to "probable".  I wish that somebody would tell the BBC that a Russian helicopter attack would do far *less* damage than a MLRS strike, but that is not the point.  The point is that if the presstitute accepts that a helicopter strike is possible, why not a Russian bomber strike or even cruise missile strike?  Why not accept that the Russians, who apparently have a Romulan-style "cloaking device" on their *19* maneuver battalions in Novorussia (official figure from Kiev!), also could use space-based death ray powered by a "dilithium crystals converter".  This is just as "possible" as the use of Russian attack helicopters, even though neither are probable.

I also notice the doubleplusgoodthinking use of "Luhansk" rather then the crimethink "Lugansk".  How totally lame...

The BBC is still the best!

And then I also saw this one:

Yup!  They did write it: Obama will send in "3,000 troops, to help fight the virus".   Yes, I know what they meant by that, but look what Josetxo sent me this morning (-: apparently, he reads my mind :-)

This is just so typical.  It is like when the Americans finally figured out that the Chinese were doing big business in Africa.  Instead of trying to complete with them, they created AFRICOM.  So yes, these guys really only see nails everywhere.

Okay, now I need to dwell on the bad news out of Novorussia.  Hopefully I will get another post up later today.


The Saker

PS: if I remember correctly, when Star Trek was created the Klingons were suppose to represent the Chinese while the Romulans were Russians. If so, then it is only fitting to suspect Russia of having developed a "cloaking device" for her armed forces.