Thursday, February 6, 2014

Protecting the Olympic Games in Sochi - a most difficult mission for the Russian security services

Today I just want to share with you my very real fears about either a terrorist attack or an "accident" of some kind in Sochi.  What frightens me is that the list of potential "sponsors" for such an event is very long: the Saudis, of course, and their overt threats, but also the Anglosphere and it's covert subcontractors of al-Qaeda and its affiliates worldwide.  Less likely, but still possible, is some kind of attack by the Ukrainian extremists (they fought Russia in Chechnia, Georgia and even in Syria).  But the main threat, I think, comes from the Anglosphere whose media has been constantly hammering in the message that "Putin put his reputation at stake in the Olympics" or that "Russia is trying to market itself as an attractive country to invest in" during the Games.  Both of these claims are vastly overblown, by the way.  Sure, like any other head of state Putin put a lot of effort into preparing for these Games and, of course, Russia hopes for a great success.  But nobody in Russia seriously considers these games as some kind of litmus test of national prestige.  And yet, the Anglo corporate media constantly repeat this message, over and over again.  It makes me wonder whether it is in preparation to some kind of failure which would then finally give the West a chance to delight in a tragedy for which it would, of course, blame the Kremlin.

Do you think I exaggerate?


Just remember the gleeful display of Schadenfreude of the Anglo media any tragedy happens in Russia, especially one which could be blamed on the Kremlin.  From the various hostage crises (Buddennovsk, Nord-Ost, Beslan), to the (still unexplained) sinking of the Kursk, to the 08.08.08 war with Georgia - each time the Anglo corporate media openly rejoiced to see the "Russian bear" being wounded.  So considering the numerous humiliations suffered by the Anglosphere in recent years at the hand of the much-hated Putin, I am really afraid that something will happen in Sochi.

Russian cops - here mostly to reassure the visitors

The good news is that the current Russian government is probably as good as it gets in its ability to prevent a terrorist attack or an "accident" and the Russian security services have recovered much, possible most, of their traditional capabilities.  The local security services have put up a big "display of security", which is fine, but which really will play only a minor role in protecting the Games.  Most of the real security work will have to be done behind the scenes with a combination of detection, monitoring, penetration, negotiations and threats (depending on the nature of the potential enemy).  We will probably never hear about these efforts, but they are crucial.  There are always many more targets than forces to protect them and a determined terrorist is practically unstoppable.

Officially, the West is fully supportive of Russia and the US offered its full "expertise" to "assist" Russia.  They even warned about possible toothpaste-bombs.  Being the diplomat that he is, Putin warmly thanked the Americans for their valuable assistance and invited western security officials to join the special security headquarters created for these games by the Russian security services.  So officially, its all smiles and support.

I think that we all know what the real story is.

I will breathe better once these Games are over.

The Saker