Monday, January 6, 2014

"Quenelle warfare" in France - a "report from the trenches"

The warfare around the quenelle gesture is reaching a new new heights in France were representatives of the plutocratic elites are now seriously considering the following options:

a) banning the latest show of Dieudonne
b) closing down his theatre in Paris
c) jailing Dieudonne 
d) making the quenelle gesture a criminal offence

and, I kid you not,

e) create a special cell with representatives of the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Economy to bankrupt Dieudonne (this is not the official reason, but that is clearly the aim).

In the meantime, more and more people are breaking free from their zombified state and join the many thousands of people who are openly defying the state by going on record making the quenelle gesture.  What is particularly distressing for the doubleplusgoodthinking French elites is that the "quenelle movement" achieved something which the elites claimed as an objective and which now turn into a true nightmare for them: it unites Whites, Blacks, Arabs, immigrants, natives, Papists, Muslims, agnostics, young, old, male, female - you name it, they have it.  This is truly a mass grass-roots phenomenon which knows, quite literally, no barriers.  Can I just give you one example?  Alain Soral made is latest Internet video in a Tshirt sent to him by the French Prime Minister's personal protection service!  Yes, even there :-)

Anyway, here are a few videos "from the trenches" which really do not need translation:

First, Bertrand DelanoƩ, lapsed Freemason, lapsed Papist, current homosexual, high-raking apparatchik of the French Socialist Party and current Mayor of the City of Paris: (make sure to listen to the part where Bertrand goes hysterical)

Then some proud quenelle making youth:

No doubt, there is much more to come, much much more, in the near future.

I will keep you posted :-)

Reporting from the frontlines of the "quenelle wars",


The Saker