Friday, January 10, 2014

A few news updates from the virtual trenches of the "Quenelle war"

First, thanks to gallier2 for  pointing out this rather surprisingly reasonable video about Dieudonne and the "quenelle" gesture; this report even features a short interview of Alain Soral who explains what is really going on.  I never would have thought that the BBC could still produce such a more or less well balanced and reasonable report.

Second, as I have mentioned in a previous report, Minister of the Interior Manuel Valls has urged the local authorities to ban the latest show of Dieudonne (entitled "Le Mur" or "The Wall").  Here is what then happened:

The Prefet of the Préfecture of the  Loire-Atlantique Department decided to ban Dieudonne's show in the city of Nantes.  Now, to really understand what happened, I need to explain something here:

France has always been an amazingly diverse and multi-cultural country and the Masonic revolutionary regime in France knew from "Day 1" that it has little or no popular support.  This is why the revolutionaries decided to break up traditional France into regions that they would control through the use of specially appointed representatives: the "Departments" were created in December of 1789 which made it possible for the central power in Paris to have a local representative - a "prefet" - who could over-rule any local authority and always impose the will of the central government.  The "Prefecture of Loire-Atlantique" is a region also created by the French Revolutionaries to remove the historical capital of the Brittany region - Nantes - from the rest of Brittany.   It is this century old mechanism of repressing the local authorities by Paris which has been used against Dieudonne.

In reaction to the ban, Dieudonne's lawyers appealed to the "juge des référés" - a special judge which does not rule on the substance of a dispute, but which can order provisional emergency measures called "ordinances" to defend the rights and freedoms of one of the parties in a dispute.  In this case the judge suspended the ban imposed by the Prefect.  This was a short victory for Dieudonne as the Minister of Interior Manuel Valls then lodged an emergency appeal to the "Conseil d’État" (State Council) to ban the show, which, predictably, the latter was more than happy to do.  Indeed, Wikipedia defined the "Conseil d’État" as "a body of the French national government that acts both as legal adviser of the executive branch and as the supreme court for administrative justice".  In other words, it is the tool used by the Executive Branch to make sure that it prevails in any legal dispute.

This would all be hilarious if it wasn't for the totally over-the-top reaction of the French government which is truly going completely apeshit over what is simply a stand up comic act.  Within minutes - literally - of hearing the decision of the "juge des référés" Vals filed an emergency appeal to the State Council which itself took only minutes to issue its ban all just in time to prevent Dieudonne to perform.  It is outright pathetic to see the manic hysteria which has seized the French government. 

And this is now far from over.  The French courts will now have to tackle with the following issues:

a) should Dieudonne be banned for his alleged "apology of hate" and "anti-Semitism" or for "threat to the public order"?
b) what should be the object of the ban: the show or the comedian?
c) can a show be banned even before it is performed?
d) is a comedian liable for what he says on stage?
e) should Dieudonne's shows be re-branded as "political meetings" and then banned as such?
f) what about his online videos? what is the point of banning a show if it can be watch on the Internet?

What absolutely everybody understands in France is that the regime is just seeking a legal figleaf to justify its political repression of a type of speech it does not like.  Alas, France does have a long tradition of crushing free speech.  Not only did Voltaire never say "I disagree with what you say but I will fight for your right to say it" - he himself viciously persecuted many people for the "crime" of making fun on him.  And there is no such thing as the ACLU in France, nor is there a First Amendment.  But the worst aspect of French political culture is its extreme polarization and intolerance whose roots go straight back to the bloody events of the French Revolution.  Whether the French plutocratic elites and their government realize it or not, their hysterical attitude is definitely having a polarizing effect on the French youth which is now rallying in bigger and bigger numbers around the Dieudonne-Soral tag team while there are zero signs of popular support for the position of the Jewish organizations, the French plutocracy or the Hollande government.

What is happening is a sweet paradox: Dieudo and Soral are basically accusing the French Zionist lobby of being almighty and above the law in France.  The French Zionist lobby's reaction to this accusation it to use its infinite power and above the law status to crush the free speech of Dieudo and Soral thereby proving them right.  For example, the French elites categorically deny that the Zionist lobby has the power of banning somebody from appearing on TV while at the same time the entire country knows that Soral and Dieudo have been banned (before they dared to criticize the power of the French Zionist lobby both were very often seen on TV).  Now even the shows which discuss and analyse the "quenelle" phenomenon are always recorded without inviting Dieudo or Soral to speak.  Just like de Gaulle, Soral now speaks from London...

My biggest fear at the moment is for the physical safety of Soral and Dieudonne as I would most definitely not put it past the French elites to order their assassination.  True, whether the French special units would actually execute such an order is very dubious, but the French can always call on the Israelis to do the dirty job for them, leaving the secondary task of botching the investigation to the French authorities.  But then, the Kidon also has a very checkered record, to say the least, and if they screw-up this one the scandal would be absolutely huge.  So the "lone, 'crazy' killer" (US favorite method) is probably the biggest threat to Dieudo and Soral.  That, or a "tragic accident" (Russian favorite method).

May God protect these two men.

The Saker