Monday, August 5, 2013

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah Speech on Al Quds Day 2013 (HQ video with English subtitles!)

Today I have the huge pleasure to share with you news which I have been awaiting for a long time: somebody has decided to make the speeches of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah available in high quality video and subtitled in English!

Check out the YouTube channel ElectronicResistace.  It is a real treasure trove of Hezbollah related videos and, from now on, it will feature the speeches of Hassan Nasrallah with English subtitles.

This is, in my opinion, a far better option that simply offering a translated transcript.  Hassan Nasrallah is not only an exceptional speaker, he is a person of immense charisma and while the brain of a non-Arabic speaker (like myself) might get the information from a transcript, there is a very important gut-level emotion that I have always felt when listening to Hassan Nasrallah which I believe is important to share.

Have you ever seen Nasrallah's "Divine Victory" speech?  I will share a small secret with you: I have a copy of that speech on my smartphone and whenever I feel desperate or disgusted with the world, I watch it and it always gives me courage, peace and even joy.

Finally, as I have said many times: Nasrallah is an absolutely unique politician in that he simply does not lie.  Ever.  If he says something, you can take it to the bank.  And this is another reason why his speeches are absolutely crucial for anybody interested in the Middle-East: they are just about the best source of understanding of what is really happening and what is likely to happen in the future.  Yes, I know, its very counter-intuitive, but Hassan Nasrallah does not seem to be interested in propaganda, at least not at the expense of truth.  He might not say everything he knows, of course, but he will never outright lie.

Anyway, make sure to visit the YouTube channel ElectronicResistace on a regular basis and study these fantastic speeches.

BTW - two separate friends told me that this most recent speech below is on of the best one Nasrallah ever made.  I agree.


The Saker