Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Short update on the fallout following the "Imperial Skyjacking"

Here is a short update on the fallout following the "Imperial Skyjacking" of President Evo Morales' airplane over Europe.
  • Paris expressed "regrets" but did not present excuses.
  • Demonstrators threw stones at the French Embassy in La Paz
  • The Bolivian Parliament will demand the expulsion of the French, Italian and Portuguese ambassadors
  • The Argentinian President Christina Fernandez de Krichner has declared that the Europeans "they have all gone completely insane!"
  • UNASUR is meeting tomorrow to discuss the situation
Now all this would all be funny if we were still living in the 1970s or 1980s when Europe was feeling rich and secure and Latin America was looked down as the playground for petty dictators and thieves.  It appears that the EU plutocrats are unaware of the fact that nowadays it is Europe which is terminally sick, the Eurozone which is about to explode and the EU which is run by corrupt dictators.  And against this apocalyptic background, the Europeans have the nerve to insult all of Latin America?!

In reality all this does is deepen the chasm between the political "West" (NATO) and the rest of the world which is fed up being treated with a contempt bordering on racism.

By picking on the soft-spoken and gentle Evo Morales as the target of their latest imperial folly, the Europeans also insulted all the indigenous people worldwide who rightly feel that Morales is their political, cultural or spiritual leader.

It might not be immediately perceptible, but there will be hell to pay down the road, in particular in economical and political terms.  The amount of bad karma generated by this latest European idiocy is truly monumental.

The Saker