Thursday, October 18, 2012

In one week the US will have three aircraft carriers facing Iran

(many thanks to HL for this info!  S.)

Zerohedge reports:

US Aircraft Carrier John Stennis Arrives By Iran

Ten days ago, when we last tracked the progress of the third US aircraft carrier, CVN-74 Stennis, with destination Arabian Gulf, aka Iran, we reported that it was "within a week of reaching" its destination. Sure enough, as the latest Stratfor naval update confirms, CVN-74 has now reached its destination for which it was commissioned several months prematurely. But before you get your war hats out, note that that other aircraft carrier which is conducting its final voyage, the CVN-65 Enterprise, has decided to take a bit of a break and left the Arabian Gulf area for a scheduled R&R port visit in Naples, Italy. In a week or so, shore leave will be over and CVN will be back to join everyone else, at which point the US will finally have three aircraft carriers just off the Iranian coastline ready to rumble.


The "Arabian Gulf".   Even the "accepted language" in the Anglosphere reeks of imperial policies.  Amazing...

The Saker