Sunday, November 13, 2011

Speech of Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on the occasion of the Martyr's Day

In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Most Merciful. Praise be to Allah, The Lord of the World. Peace be on our Master and Prophet – The Seal of Prophets – Mohammad and on his Chaste Household, chosen companions and all prophets and messengers. Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessing.

First we salute the chaste and fragranced souls of the martyrs and offer them the reward of reciting Al Fatiha Surah.

On this very day every year we meet under the banner and title of martyrs. It's the day which Hezbollah chose from the beginning as the day of Hezbollah martyr. It goes without saying that every faction from the resistance factions, every movement from the resistance movements and every people from the resistance peoples in the region have their martyrs who belong to their special framework and have the right to mark their day. In fact, marking the Martyr's Day is a kind of compensation for not holding an annual anniversary for every martyr at a time, as traditions go at times. We hope a day will come in which the Lebanese state endorses a Day for the Martyr of the Nation – a day for all martyrs from the various resistance movements and factions, the Army, the security forces, the political forces as well as the martyrs from among the Lebanese people so that it be a comprehensive national holiday.

First and before talking about the martyr of Hezbollah, I must bend in a show of respect and esteem to all our brethren martyrs in the other resistance movements and factions whom we respect their efforts, offerings and true participation in liberating Lebanon, in defending Lebanon and in achieving all the targets which were achieved so far.

As usual, first I would like to say that I will have a word about martyrs on the Martyr's Day and about the resistance. This is the first topic. I have a word about the local internal Lebanese situation and I have a word on the regional situation.

On the Martyr's Day, it goes without saying that we salute all Hezbollah martyrs who comprise leaders including the Secretary General Sayyed Abbass, Sheikh Raghab and Leader Martyr Hajj Imad, and an assembly of cadres and leaderships of the Islamic Resistance, the great self-martyrs whom self-martyr Ahmad Qasir commenced their era and track and all the martyr fighters including resistance men, men, women, children, infants and elderly. We salute this great assembly which exceeded thousands of martyrs from a group who believed in this track, was a part of its country and people, was a part of its nation, shouldered the concerns of its nation, chose the righteous way and offered in this path in which they believed and for the cause they believed in this great generous honorable assembly of martyrs.

Indeed electing this day - November 11 – of every year is for the well known occasion of the operation staged by self-martyr Ahmad Qasir in Tyr which targeted the headquarters of the Israeli military ruler. This operation is still for this very day extraordinary as compared to all other operations held by the resistance. It is still till this very day also the greatest, hugest and most important operation in the history of the Arab-Israeli struggle pursuant to the magnitude of losses which were afflicted on the enemy on the hand of one martyr and in one moment. The enemy acknowledged the fall of more than 120, 130 or 140 casualties. Let's be precautious and say the enemy acknowledged the fall of more than 100 officers and soldiers. The officers included senior generals. The magnitude of casualties which afflicted the enemy besides the moral and psychological losses and the moral, psychological and political repercussions on the front of the enemy and on the national front were very great. This operation was as well an early announcement of the defeat which was awaiting the enemy. I am one of the people who never forget Sharon's wretched, depressed face as he stood on the ruins of the Israeli military ruler headquarters in Tyr. This operation is also a founding operation in the history of the resistance. It is the first self-martyrdom operation of its kind in the history of the Arab-Israeli struggle: a self-martyr breaks in his booby-trapped-car into the military headquarters and detonates himself inside the headquarters. This happens for the first time. Thus we call martyr Ahmad the commencer of the era of self-martyrs. Thus also he fairly deserves the title of the Prince of Self-martyrs. That's because the prince is not the one who sits in the rear end. He is rather the one who heads the group of fighters and martyrs. Because he was in the vanguard and because he was the pioneer, he was the prince. Notice also the early timing of the operation. It comes very few months only following the Israeli invasion of Lebanon and the illusion some in Lebanon and the region nurtured that Lebanon absolutely ushered in the Israeli era and that we have to act accordingly. The operation of self-martyr Ahmad Qasir was to say: No, this is another era and another time. It is the time of the resistance, self-martyrs and upcoming victories.

Brothers and sisters! This year our brethrens chose "The Day of Life" as a title for the Martyr's Day. This title is absolutely true. It is even among the truest names. That is first because the martyrs are alive. The martyrs are alive. It's not I who say so. Allah Al Mighty who creates life and death says so: {Think not of those who are slain in ALLAH's way as dead. Nay, they live, finding their sustenance in the presence of their Lord}. So they live and find their sustenance in the presence of their Lord. Now they live and find their sustenance from all what they wish for. {They rejoice in the bounty provided by ALLAH: and with regard to those left behind, who have not yet joined them}. They are those who are still here and are still waiting and who still keep their oath. They are in the mind of every martyr who joined the highest status and who are holding good tidings of those who are carrying on the way. {And say not of those who are slain in the way of ALLAH: they are dead. Nay, they are living, though ye perceive it not.}

Second that's because they gave us life. What life they gave us? They gave us the honorable, revered life. That's because they offered our people and nation honor, sovereignty, esteem, security, liberty and a feeling of confidence and reassurance for the present and the future. This is the true life which every man looks forward to. This is the school of great Islam which gives us another concept about life and tells us the life is in your death while being victorious and death is in your life while being defeated. So following 1982, the Zionists occupied half of Lebanon and wanted to have hegemony on all of Lebanon. Their tanks, troop carriers and soldiers used to move at ease in the country. They used to move along the shore of Lebanon with utmost peace. Have the Lebanese agreed to live, eat and drink while their land was occupied, their dignities violated, their youths and women dragged with humiliation to prisons, their freedom confiscated, and their fate cast in the unknown – that means have they accepted to live a life of humiliation, disgrace and submission - would that be called life? Never! This is death in the shape of life. So those martyrs are the makers of life under the will of Allah Al Mighty. Allah Al Mighty puts natural reasons for the materialistic life and He puts reasons that lead to the moral, humanistic true life. Thus were jihad, martyrdom and the will of the steadfast and the firm resistance fighters the reasons leading to this life. These martyrs are the outcome of believing in Allah and the Hereafter. They are the outcome of knowledge. They are the people of knowledge - knowing the goal, knowing the righteous path that leads to the goal, knowing the enemy and the friend, knowing the priorities and knowing time and place. This is what we call insight. When man moves along while having insight, when man owns insight, this is insight. They are also the people of determination, will, firmness and courage. We all remember the first days of confronting the occupation. The whole world was on the side of Israel. Morals were down, and misery was prevailing. Frustration was dominating over minds and hearts. Still the resistance fighters stood in face of Israel. The Commander of Believers Imam Ali (Peace be upon him) says a word which is held in the soul of every member of this resistance. Imam Ali (Peace be upon him) says: By God, if I met them all by myself – I was alone – and they were as numerous to fill the entire world, I would never have cared or felt scared. This is the essence of resistance fighters in Lebanon. They never felt scared for the lack of supporters and backers. They never felt scared for the abundance of the enemy, the supporters and the backers of the enemy and the bargainers on the enemy. Everyone of them used to stand and tell the Zionists and the Americans and the multinational forces: By God, if I met you all by myself and you were as numerous to fill the entire world, I would never have cared or felt scared.

These are the people of determination and the people of love, passion and yearning. Imam Ali (peace be upon him) carries on saying: I long to meet my Lord and wait for His good rewards. These are the passionate lovers of Allah who yearn to meet Him. Thus they used to look and still eye the most distant among the enemy and not their foot steps. They look to the end of all ends. This concept also explains for us precisely the true reason for victory in July War. Neither the arms, the tactics, the plotting, the administration nor all the available means were to enable Lebanon and the resistance to gain victory was it not for those men who remained steadfast and never felt scared, weak, submitted or ran away. Thus they remain from this school of martyrs and this school of resistance. Today we live in peace in Lebanon. We feel at peace for the first time since the establishment of the usurping Israeli entity in 1948. Brothers and sisters! It is not easy to live in a country in the neighborhood of a ferocious, wild, covetous, devious monster. How can man feel reassured about his people and their blood, honor, dignity and future in the neighborhood of a racial aggressive entity of this kind? Today and for the first time, Lebanon and southern Lebanon in particular feel at ease and reassured, calm, secure and confident. Weeks ago I was reading a text for His Eminence Leader Sayyed Mussa Assader (May Allah return him and both his friends sound and safe) All his adorers are living now special emotional days while awaiting the outcome of the efforts to restore the Imam and both his friends to Lebanon Inshallah. The text was published lately. It was said during a private session in 1978 prior to the Israeli invasion of the south in 1978. During a private session with the brethren cadres in Amal Movement he was saying that he was feeling great pain and sorrow for what the south and the people of the south are suffering from. It's the south which has turned to a scapegoat. It's the south which is aggressed by Israel which demolishes its houses and towns in Kfar Shouba and other towns and which displaces its peoples whenever it wants. It's the south which does not feel at peace. It's the bleeding south. He was talking with a burning heart and saying unfortunately Lebanon is weak. The south is weak. Because Lebanon and the south and we are all weak in Lebanon, the enemy acts according to its will. It stages aggressions whenever it wants. He was talking with a burning heart. He used to say that many are unconcerned about what was taking place in the south and did not listen to all the calls and the cries which were made. As I was reading these words for Imam Sader, I directly told him in my mind: Your Eminence! When you return Inshallah, you will be proud of your children, dear ones, pupils and followers. You will be proud of all their friends and allies. You will be proud of the resistance which you set its foundations, called and offered sacrifices so that it be established on the land of Lebanon and on the land of southern Lebanon. This south is today secure, appeased, firm and steadfast. It is not a scapegoat anymore. It is rather forcefully present in the regional equation as well.

Today and hereof I usher to the political issue, as for any possibility of any new Israeli aggression, war or attack against Lebanon, and despite all what is said in some articles and analyses, I believe that all what is said comes in the framework of intimidation. We still rule out the Israeli enemy staging such an aggression against Lebanon apart from the events taking place in the region and the regional situation which I will refer to in a while. So if there is no scheme for a war on the level of the region, we rule out a scheme for an imminent war against Lebanon. The reason for such a ruling out is not Israeli generosity, American kindness or the kindhearted international community. It is rather for a very simple reason. It is that Lebanon is not weak anymore. Lebanon has become a strong country. Lebanon with its army, people and resistance has become able to defend itself and to inflict defeat on the aggressor also. Even more, Lebanon has become in the post in which it can turn the table on the aggressor and turn the threat to a true opportunity.

Indeed when this force retreats, becomes weak or retreats – God forbids – Israel might reconsider staging an aggression or a war against Lebanon or having control over Lebanon again. However as long as this belief, insight and will are valid and this golden trio is integrated, Israel will remain too weak to take a move and wage a war. Now if one day Israel would wage a war, it will be the war of no other choice. It will be the final adventure in the life of this entity. Indeed, here I would like to stress on the following: At the time in which on the level of reading and analyzing we rule out an Israeli war of such kind on Lebanon - apart from the situation in the region as I said - that did not lead us to be dormant. Never! I would like to stress that this resistance was never dormant. Since 1982 – the age of Ahmad Qasir – it never was dormant. In 2000, when the great victory took place in May 25th, it was not dormant. In May 26th, 2000, it did not become dormant. It rather remained vigilant and industrious. It worked to got prepared. That's because its people and country are in the neighborhood of such an enemy. In 2006 and precisely since August 15th 2006 till this very day, this resistance never was dormant. I quote also a word for the Prince of Believers (Peace be upon him) in which he says: The man who is in a state of war must be vigilant and sleepless. So even if some say Lebanon is in a truce which is not acknowledged by Israel. Thus there is war. Note that Israel did not reach pursuant to Resolution 1701 which is still called for up till now to a ceasefire. There is a cease of operations. The resistance in Lebanon is as such. It is vigilant and sleepless. He (Peace be upon him) carries on saying: Who falls asleep is not ignored. So even if some in Lebanon went to sleep, is the Israeli Army asleep? The Israelis since 2006 up till today are carrying on exercises, practicing, arming, manufacturing and maneuvering. On the other side, there is a sleepless enemy. So how are we to sleep? Imam Ali (pbuh) says: Who falls asleep is not ignored, who becomes weak is preyed and who abandons jihad becomes like the aggrieved despised man. I tell those who feel despair but are not desperate – meaning those who from inside become desperate but in their political speech they are not desperate: When you call on our people and our resistance to abandon their weapon, you are calling on us to be the humble aggrieved and the despised man who did not benefit from all the experiences he went through and handed in the dignity of his people and nation to the most horrible enemy ever known in history which is Israel. Thus we on the Martyr's Day call to adhering to the Resistance, the Army and the will of the people because they are the elements of power.

Hereof I usher to the local situation with quick topics. As for the government, it has proven so far that it is a government of diversity. It is a diversified government in which true and essential political forces are represented. It is a government which represents the popular and parliamentary majority. It is a government of discussion, dialogue and conversation. It is not the government of a mono-decision. It is not an authoritative government. It is a government whose members make discussions before taking decisions. They do not receive any sms from Feltman, the French Embassy, Denis Ross and Terry Rhode Larsen - that man whom we do not love and who is supervisor of Resolution 1559. So it does not receive any signs or indications from anyone. It is a true national government. This government is called upon today for more work and achievements, seriousness and following up of the various files. It is also invited against listening to all the uproar aroused here and there to divert the government to baseless illusionary causes.

The most important point is that the government gives the absolute importance to the living, social and economic interests of the people and their worries. There are important issues to be tackled by the government: decisively settling the minimum wages, salaries of the laborers, the public sector and the teachers, the issue of gas and fuel (This is an event of great importance as we approach the end of the year), the issue of power, water, health insurance, administrative appointments. There are very crucial files which do not need any funding. We give as an example administrative appointments that make administrations complete and able to take action and make achievements. That does not need funding, budgets and additional taxes. This is a true defect in the country. Completing the administrations spares the citizens much effort and difficulties. As an example, we mention making haste in forming Hermel Province, Akkar Province as well as the provinces which do not fulfill their obligations towards their residences because of the great administrative vacancy. There are tens of thousands of wanted pursuant to warrantees for tens of years. At times, warrants are issued for trivial causes. This issue might be discussed because then it lessens the burden on the security forces. Well for example security forces officials say there are 30 or 40 thousand arrest warrants in one province only. Now after scrutiny, it becomes clear that the reasons of most of the arrest warrants are trivial and might be tolerated. Addressing this issue whether by the government or the parliament helps is solving this problem.

There is a kind of humanistic causes which must be approached in a humanistic way. A step was taken days ago in the Parliament pertaining to the file which every one calls as it appeals to him and we call the file of those who fled to Israel. There have been several interpretations. We were among those who backed the suggestion presented in the Parliament, and we were at harmony with ourselves because this concept was mentioned in the Agreement inked between us and the Free National Party in 2006 and we live up to our promises. Indeed the government is concerned in making haste in issuing the decrees and addressing this issue within the limits voted on in the parliament. The background of addressing this file is humanistic. However allow me to remind you. Some say why you always remind us. That's because some people said these people ran away because massacres were perpetrated or they were afraid of massacres being perpetrated back in 2000. Indeed then some people were spellbound. They did not know what to do because their bargains were lost with the withdrawal in May 25th, 2000. Some were not given birth yet or were still infants. So they need to be reminded that in May 25th, 2000 no one was killed. The liberation was made and no one was killed whether from Antoine Lahd group or from among the civilians; rather martyrs from the resistance fell. Still no one was killed. No massacre was perpetrated. No house or warship place was demolished. No one's dignity was violated. The collaborators who were arrested were directly handed to the Lebanese Justice which we know how it dealt with them. I also believe that those who fled to Israel – indeed it was their right to flee because the circumstances which prevailed then helped in taking this decision. I also add that some know what they have committed. So it was natural that they flee. However, after they witnessed the civilized, moral, humanistic scene of how the resistance with all its factions and the people of the south whose children were killed and honor was aggressed in Khiam Detention Center dealt with the collaborators and their families and later on how the Lebanese Justice dealt with them, I believe that many of them felt remorse for fleeing. However, it was over. They already took the wrong choice. Anyway, I only want to remind some of those "heroes" that no massacres or killings or aggressions were perpetrated. Let them go back to history for it seems that they have already forgotten what took place 11 years ago and are changing history. In fact, they daily change history and distort facts. So it is indispensable of reminding them of that.

So the government is concerned in carrying on its efforts and we will support and back it as this government is diversified and national.

As for the security situation, we call on everyone to preserve national security because this is an essential condition for everything. It is the condition for political and economic security, calmness, health… In this framework, I also call on some political sides and media outlets against exaggerating the individual incidents that take place here as they take place in any place around the world. I also call on them to make sure of the data and information before issuing statements which later on it would be proven that they are based on baseless information.

In this framework also we call for keeping the Lebanese Army Institution aside. Indeed we stress on keeping all the security forces aside as possible but I stress on the priority of keeping the Lebanese Army Institution aside as it is a guarantying institution for sovereignty, national unity and security. All the tough and painful experiences which Lebanon and the Lebanese people have passed through have proven that after the collapse of everything, the disintegration of everything and the loss of everything, this institution would always be the saving rod. There is no problem in arguing in politics. There is no problem in arguing with us, with the government, with the state and with the parliament. However, let's keep the Army Institution aside. Let's keep it aside and guard it and its national post and image because as such we will be acting with a national background.

I have one more word as far as the internal situation is concerned. It is funding the STL. Indeed we said this issue will be discussed in the government but what happened calls on us to have a short pose. It is what happened with the UNESCO. It is beneficiary that the Lebanese, the Arab and international public opinion pay attention to this point. The UNESCO is an organization which is concerned in the educational affairs. This organization acknowledged the state of Palestine as it happened that the right to veto was invalid. So it acknowledged the state of Palestine. However, which state of Palestine it acknowledged? It's not the state of Palestine from the sea to the river; however, a part of Palestine which is within the borders of 1967. This is what it acknowledged. It is also not known whether Palestine within the borders of 1967 on which later the state of Palestine will be negotiated or is being negotiated now. Well the USA got angry because this educational international organization gave the Palestinian people some of their rights and not all of their rights. Thus it condemned the stance taken by the UNESCO and consequently it condemned all those who voted for the interest of the state of Palestine. Then it took a measure and stopped funding without prior notice. Now the UNESCO announced that it will freeze all its programs till the end of 2011.

Here I would like to point out that the UNESCO is an organization which is internationally acknowledged. It is an international organization which wasn't acknowledged under "Bosh-Chirac". It was not formed via legal or constitutional smuggling as is the case of the STL. On the other hand, its work carries on or stops according to its funding. It was established pursuant to a rightful, fair and just resolution and it must carry its mission. The US government took this decision. Wasn't funding the UNESCO a commitment made by the US administration? Isn't this among its international commitments? Why the US administration has the right and why is it allowed to get disengaged from its international commitments and Lebanon does not have the right to do so that is if there is a commitment in fact? Some people were cautious and said that this affects the STL. They made statements that bear several meanings. However, most of March 14 Bloc members did not comment on that. America has the right not only to stop funding the UNESCO but also to destroy and ruin the UNESCO because it stood by the people of Palestine. However Lebanon does not have the right to do so. Even more if it stopped funding the unconstitutional illegal tribunal which we all by now know its biography, conduct and goals and there is no need to reiterate them, Jeffrey Feltman – see the insolence – and following the US decision to stop funding the UNESCO threatens Lebanon by sanctions. This unmasks the US administration and exposes the US allies in the world and the US allies in Lebanon.

In all cases, before this scandal, PM Fouad Saniora provided a way out to the Americans and to preserve the UNESCO. This is according to the media. So I will read what was written: PM Saniora submitted the way out that protects the UNESCO from US sanctions. PM Saniora called on the Arab League and Arab kings and presidents and the friendly Islamic and western nations to take the initiative to collect and pay the amounts the US and Israel were to pay. According to Saniora, in this move it would be simple to frustrate the Israeli blackmail and the US pressure and intimidation of hegemony. Now apart from condemning America, imposing sanctions on it, boycotting it or raising a finger in its face – as that has to do with people and their minds, bravery, united norms or double standards – I want to go for this way out. PM Saniora presented a nice way out. Let it be adopted with the government of PM Mikati. Let PM Mikati and his government alone. Go for the Arab League (This case does not even need that.) The Arab kings and presidents and the Islamic states and the western states are concerned about funding the STL with 50 or 60 million dollars. There is an Arab prince who can do without some parties in London or Paris and pay this amount to the STL so that the country will be spared this dilemma. The battle has been taking place for one month or two or three. Accusations are made against PM Mikati. Well the man is convinced in what he says. They are accusing the government of great massacres saying the Lebanese economy will be destroyed and Lebanon will be isolated internationally. If you love Lebanon and care for Lebanon and want its salvation and security whereas we are that much stubborn while you are open-minded and advocate dialogue, well this is a way out. Accept for the STL what you accept for the UNESCO, though the UNESCO was fair with a people while the STL is aggressing against another. Still this is a way out which you can adopt. So trust in God and go for it and let PM Mikati sleep soundly.

Today the First or the second chamber in the STL are meeting and discussing trial in abstentia. I will not comment on that because we started acting with this tribunal as if it does not exist. We will not waste your time.

I will usher via the last point pertaining to the local situation into the regional situation. It is an advice to all the political forces in Lebanon. Let's take care of our country and address its crises and files in the government, in the Parliament and on the dialogue table. In whatever position you are, let's give Lebanon the priority and leave bargaining on what's abroad and on the regional developments. That's because some in Lebanon bargain on the regional developments. In one of my previous speeches, I talked about five bargains made in five years and I will not reiterate. So don't bother yourself again. I tell those who pull off dealing with files, making their choices or building hopes and illusions on one thing which is the collapse of the regime of President Bashar Assad in Syria: Put this bargain aside. I also tell them this bargain will flop as all the previous bargains collapsed. So do not waste your time. Go again for thinking of Lebanon and the nation. It is strange that some people raise the slogan of "Lebanon first" except in bargains where Lebanon comes last. Bargain on Lebanon first, on the Lebanese first, on the capacities of Lebanon first, on the minds, will, dialogue and cooperation of the Lebanese. I have this advice as far as the local situation is concerned.

As for the regional situation, there is not enough time to tackle the regional situation and the Arab situation as a whole. However what was most important in the past few days is the development pertaining to Iran and Syria, the Israeli, US and western threats and reopening the Iranian nuclear file.

We have witnessed in the past few days an escalation in threats which took place suddenly and without prior notice. The possibility of the Israeli enemy striking Iranian nuclear edifices was forcefully put forth. The snowball was rolling politically and in the media. Statements were made. Threats escalated as well as stances. Indeed the leadership in the Islamic Republic in Iran responded in a decisive and final way. The clearest and highest ceiling was what His Eminence Sayyed Khamenai (May Allah prolong his lifespan) said yesterday. In fact what he said was the essential fact and reality. Iran is strong in its army, guards, mobilization, people, unity, belief and determination. Iran will never be frightened by intimidations and fleets. The US fleets and armies occupied the entire area in the neighborhood of Iran. US troops are present today in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey, the Gulf, the Gulf States and the Gulf waters. Still Iran did not feel weak. Its determination did not wane. It did not submit to any conditions. It was never dragged to direct negotiations with the Americans. So neither intimidations nor fleets could touch on the determination, will and the decision of the leadership and the people of Iran. This is final.

Let's talk about this event for a while. Is it possible that things move in that direction? How might we understand what is taking place? If we go a bit to the backgrounds, here I would like to talk about Iran and Syria together. We must never forget first that from today to the end of the year, there is a US pullout from Iraq and a great defeat to the US project.

In 2000, some people showed out to say that the resistance in Lebanon did not gain victory. It's only that Israel pulled out. This is an agreement made under the table. This is all baseless. Some people will show out now and say that America took the decision to withdraw. America came and bore this enormous magnitude of humanistic, financial and economic casualties, this great collapse in its economy and treasure. Is it possible to say that it simply wants to get out of Iraq? The answer is indeed no. America which will pull out of Iraq and America which is defeated in Iraq must do something. First how do countries usually withdraw? Some withdraw under true fire. However, America is not able to pull out under military fire. Thus it wants to make smoke, dust and a fog so that it pulls out under political and media fire. This is called practicing intimidation against the region, a war against the region and an aggression on Iran and Syria so that the attention of the whole world and the whole region and its peoples be focused on this kind of expectations and events. Thus the news of the US withdrawal and the US defeat in Iraq be an ordinary piece of news if not ignored. So it will not be anymore in the headlines. Here the responsibility of all the political leaderships and the media outlets is to focus on this withdrawal and this defeat because it has strategic and historic repercussions and results on all the levels whether moral, psychological, political and military in our region and the future of our region.

Second, it is normal that the US administration at this timing punish the states that had their influence on inflicting defeat on it and on its project on Iraq. Everyone agrees that the two states which stood on face of the US occupation of Iraq, showed their opposition and supported the people of Iraq, the resistance in Iraq and the steadfastness of the Iraqi people and did not give in to the conditions of Colin Powell or those who succeeded him are Iran and Syria. At the moment of US defeat, distress and frustration, America wants to tell Iran and Syria not to cheer up with their achievement. You will remain under the pressure of intimidation, the sword and the rod will always be raised in your face. It is normal that America acts as such. Imagine that the US will pull out of Iraq and acknowledge its defeat - though the Republicans in America said it is a great defeat – and then allow Iran, Syria, the peoples of the region and all those who backed the Iraqi people and the Iraqi resistance to celebrate this historic victory!

The third point which we must take into consideration is the changes that took place in our region. Indeed, there is a difference among the elites, the analysts and the readers of events on understanding and reading the events which are taking place in our region. However apart from all of these readings, there is a certain fate. No doubt the collapse of the regime of Zein Al Aabideen Bin Ali is a loss for the US project and the US-western presence in our region. The collapse of the Ghaddafi regime is a loss for it. The collapse of the regime of Husni Mubarak is the greatest loss for America and Israel. So there are changes taking place in the region which are not to the interest of America or Israel. However later on, will the US be able to restore these regimes to its interest this is another point of discussion. However, as far as the track of the great changes in the region are concerned, it is clear that the axis of resistance, opposition and refusal of Israel and the projects of hegemony is growing and gaining more power. This will allow Iran and Syria to gain new allies, advocates and members in this axis. That might mean more power, presence and efficiency. So to make up for the US loss in Tunisia, Libya and especially Egypt, they want to move Syria and Iran to a defensive post so that they get engaged in themselves and their situations, security and economy.

The fourth and last point is that the US wants to make Iran and Syria submit. It also wants to drag Iran to direct negotiations with the USA. As for collective negotiations, Iran never refused that with the USA. However Iran used to and still refuses bilateral negotiations with the USA. It is demanded that they submit and that Iran be dragged to the table of negotiations. It is demanded that Syria submits so that it accepts what it did not accept in the past. This is the true reason. This is the true background in addition to that the facts which have to do at the mean time with the financial and economic situation in Europe. Italy is following Greece; Portugal is following Italy and the nations are following each other. The head of the International Monetary Fund clearly said yesterday that the international economy is at stake. The financial and economic situation in America is catastrophic and very critical. Imagine that one of the Republican candidates for the US presidential elections - who is supposed to search for popular mottoes or to talk about the Zionist Jewish Lobby and to support it - said that his agenda is to halt all foreign US aids including the aids to Israel. This is an indication of the critical financial and economic situation in the USA. This is on one side. On the other side, Iran is strong, firm, capable and united. It has an unmatched leader. Iran will bring double retaliation on whoever dares to wage a war on it. Today the US Defense Minister treaded on the brakes and moved backwards. He started talking rationally saying that this situation will lead to tension in the region and that our troops and bases are in the Gulf and we do not know where the region is dragged. So they have to understand – and they understand very well – that a war on Iran and a war on Syria will not be limited to Iran or Syria. They will rather spread all over the region. These are rational and real considerations. So we will not threat and let no one threat. Let's put threats aside. Let no one take any position in advance. However this is the truth. This is the status quo. Today more than in any time in the past, the Arab and Islamic states and governments are concerned in taking a decision. See the vainglory and the impudence! Israel which owns military nuclear heads is calling on the world to pressure Iran and it is threatening Iran by striking its peaceful nuclear edifices! What is the reason for this impudence and hegemony? It at times springs from feeling that the other is weak, feeble and disintegrated. Here we tell them: This bargain on weakness and feebleness is a losing bargain. The time of weakness, feebleness and retreat before the Israeli enemy and the US enemy is over. This is the time of belief, knowledge, love, determination and will.

Today on the Martyr's Day, we stress that since the day of the commencer of the era of self-martyrs – Martyr Ahmad Qasir – since the operation which blackened the faces of the Zionists in Tyr till today and the future, we have ushered into the era of victories and the time of defeat is over. We only have to guard the blood of the martyrs, the goals of the martyrs, the wills of the martyrs, the expectations of the martyrs and to carry on their path. You and we will do that indeed. The martyrs have an oath which we made to them. This oath will not be fulfilled until we follow them. We are really waiting for that. We are faithful in our promise. We have proven in all positions and stages and during all the difficulties and challenges and despite all the threats in the region that today the local, regional and international situations are for the interest of the peoples of the region and the axis of opposition and resistance in the region more than any time in the past according to all norms and standards. Go back to 1982, how was the situation then? Go back to 2006. How was the situation then? Still we gained victory in 1982 and in 2000 and in 2006. In all the upcoming events and as long as we are the people of belief, knowledge, love, will and determination we will gain victory Inshallah.