Saturday, August 20, 2011

Speech by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on August 17, 2011.

Ladies and dear sisters! Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings.

I thank you all for your presence on this occasion on the holy Month of Ramadan in which the Women's Branch in the Islamic Resistance Support Association in Lebanon gathers us. I extend my regards to all the presence in the six different places: in Beirut in Sayyeda Khadeja Charity, Baalbeck, Saida, Tyr, Nabatiyeh and Tiri. We ask Allah Al Mighty to make it a blessed year and hundred returns with blessings for all. The Resistance gathers us in this occasion - whether those who believe in it or those who support it. Thus I will go straight into the core of my speech without the need for preludes especially that I want to take few moments from this meeting to comment on what was published today concerning the so called indictment in a way that goes with the occasion and within the time limit though there is much to be said on the text and content of what was published today.

As far as the Resistance is concerned there are several related topics:

First, the magnitude of sacrifices;

Second, the magnitude of achievements;

Third, the magnitude of targeting this Resistance which made many sacrifices and achievements;

Fourth, the magnitude of expectations, hopes and bargains on this Resistance.

As for the first topic, it goes without saying that there hasn't been in history a resistance which hasn't offered sacrifices. When a people decide to restore their occupied land, sovereignty and dignity through efforts and resisting, they have to make sacrifices. The sacrifices of the Resistance in Lebanon were great, huge and very valuable. When I talk about sacrifices, I talk about all the Resistance factions in Lebanon. I do not mean Hezbollah only but rather all the factions and forces which had their share in this Resistance since the very beginning. I also mean the offerings of the Lebanese Army, the Lebanese Security Forces as well as the valuable sacrifices made by the Lebanese people especially women, children and the armless people. When we talk about sacrifices, we mean tens of thousands of martyrs, tens of thousands of wounded, thousands of Lebanese young men and women who were detained in prisons and detention centers, tens of thousands of residential units which were demolished during the years of occupation and war, what have afflicted people's wealth and fields and what have afflicted the national economy. Our aim from talking about sacrifices is always reminding ourselves that the achievements we made were not for free. Rather they were the result of these great sacrifices. That makes us more interested in the achievement, in preserving the victory so as not to lose it because its price was this dear and precious blood. Thus also we know the worth of those who offered sacrifices. Even more, we must appreciate those who offered sacrifices in our Lebanese society and in all societies, and give a special status to the families of martyrs, wounded, freed prisoners and prisoners who are still in detention, the people who remained steadfast and offered support and the people who assumed the repercussions of the Resistance. We must respect these sacrifices and the people who offered them.

So as far as the first topic is concerned and as for the Resistance in Lebanon and in any resistance whether in Palestine, Iraq or any place, we are before great sacrifices which we must respect and appreciate. These sacrifices as well make us assume national and moral responsibilities.

Secondly, we will handle the magnitude of the achievements. Since the beginning, this Resistance with all its factions, efforts, very existence and pillars – I reiterate I mean the Resistance, army and people – could make great achievements and victories on the domestic as well as on the national level: liberating the Lebanese territories unconditionally and the withdrawal of the enemy with humiliation and defeat on May 25, 2000 with the exception of some Lebanese territories namely Shebaa Farms, Kfar Shuba Hills and the Lebanese part of Al Ghajar. However the greater and more important part of the territories was restored to the nation. The prisoners were freed with the exception of some case which must be followed because there is argument between us and the Israelis. We say they are alive; they say they died. There is an argument over their bodies. However, this file remains open. Anyway, at least those who are alive and whose cases are undisputed were freed. Our waters were liberated from the greed of the Israelis in Al Wazani waters. Now if Lebanon is not benefiting from its waters, this is a Lebanese problem which has nothing to do with the struggle with the Israeli enemy. Among the achievements are the victory and the steadfastness which took place during July War and the repercussions on the Israeli entity itself and on the Arab-Israeli conflict in general. Consequently, the regional dimension of the Resistance achievements on Palestine and the Arab cause in general are among the achievements of the Resistance. In this perspective comes the threefold equation for protecting the country, deterring the Israeli enemy from staging aggressions against Lebanon prior and following July War up till now and despite the greed of the Zionists in our land, water and wealth which has extended lately to reach our oil wealth which we are all aware of and which needs to be protected. Not only the oil wealth which is in the economic region which is so called disputed need to be protected but also the oil wealth in the economic region which is said to be undisputed needs that. So should excavating and drilling companies come to work even in the Lebanese economic region in the sea which Israel acknowledges is an economic region for Lebanon, these companies and facilities need protection. How are we to offer them protection? Is it through the International Security Council, or through international resolutions or through our own power? These achievements mounted to make Lebanon - which was always on the margin and outside the equation - forcefully present in the regional equation. It is impossible anymore that any solution and settlement take place in the region at the expense of Lebanon or without taking the interests of Lebanon into consideration as it always used to take place.

The third point is the magnitude of target. Here I would like to say: My sisters! You must know that the Israelis from the very first days along with the Americans and all their accomplices in the project have done all what they are able to do. In the future, they will do all what they can do as well. They have no legal or moral or humanistic or lawful source of deterrence that prevents them from attacking the Resistance whose only sin and crime are that it fought to restore the land, restore the sovereignty and dignity, free the prisoners and preserve the national energy and demand rights. This is the sin of the Resistance and that is why it is always targeted. That's because it's an element of strength, an element of dignity and an element which enables Lebanon and other countries to stand erect and preserve their rights or demand their usurped rights. This took place in Lebanon, in Palestine and everywhere. Under the title of targets comes killing the cadres and leaders of the Resistance. Martyr Sayyed Abbass Mussawi and Martyr Sheikh Ragheb Harb among a great number of our cadres and leaders were assassinated during all the past years. Other targets are arrests, imprisonments, detentions, drying the financing sources, psychological and moral wars - meaning the incessant threats to Lebanon, the infrastructure, the Lebanese people and the Lebanese Army, the Resistance – and military wars. This Resistance in Lebanon led at least three military wars: July 1993, April 1996 and July 2006. The aim of the military war is to crush the Resistance and put an end to it. All these wars were frustrated. All attempts of political isolation on the domestic, national and international levels failed. Even killing the leaders and cadres had counter effects. That made the Resistance more determined and furnished it with a great moral thrust, a sense of being oppressed and a greater belief that this path can't be abandoned after offering this great number of martyrs. We also mention what used to take place since the very first day and is still taking place up till now – namely distorting the image and reputation of the Resistance and misleading the public opinion on the Resistance, its targets, background and authenticity. However what is taking place lately – that's what I want to assert most in my speech – is worse than distorting an image. That's because they failed in their attempt to distort our image. I tell you that they failed as all polls in Lebanon, in the Arab world and in the Islamic world show today that this Resistance still enjoys very great respect in Lebanon and the region. However what is taking place now is worse than the attempt to distort the image which failed and for which millions of dollars were spent. They even acknowledge that hundreds of millions of dollars were spent. What is taking place now is an attempt to strike and smash up the humanistic and social textile in Lebanon and set the atmosphere and background of factional and sectarian wars and sporadic civil wars. The final goal of such deeds is dragging the Resistance into ordeals and internal wars, and thus hitting the Resistance and toppling the authenticity of the Resistance. This is what is taking place now. I will give examples on that because we are all concerned in confronting what I do not want to call distorting the image of the Resistance. I would rather call it attacking the Resistance through striking the humanistic, social, sectarian textile in Lebanon. Are we able to confront that? Yes.

As we could confront all the previous targets and conspiracies, frustrate them and overcome them, we can frustrate this target. I will talk more on this point in a while.

We may confront and frustrate this great event through being aware and responsible as I will clarify in a while.

What do I mean by smashing up the social, political and humanistic textile in Lebanon?

Let's not hide behind our fingers. We all know that Lebanon is the country of sects. It is ruled with a sectarian composition. This is a fact. In as much as the relations between sects and their peoples and leaderships are good, strong, humanistic, moral and kind, the country will be ruled with cooperation, development and enhancement and will overcome all risks and challenges. On the other hand, in as much as the relations between and among sects especially are tense, convulsive and disputed and ruled with the logic of enmity and loath, nothing in this country may move forward properly or be reformed. On the contrary, the leaderships who are responsible of sabotaging relations between sects in Lebanon are putting Lebanon on the path of annihilation, execution and being lost and smashed. This is the status quo in Lebanon. In countries other than Lebanon, things might not be as such. However in Lebanon whether we liked it or not the composition is as such. Everything in Lebanon takes a sectarian dimension instantly. Up till today, if anyone buys a piece of land to build a school on, his act will take a sectarian dimension. A trivial security incident takes a sectarian dimension. They are working now on sabotaging the relations between the Lebanese sects and taking them to the farthest level of grudge and loathe, mistrust and enmity. Consequently, there remains no place for meeting, dialogue, cooperation and understanding to address local problems and to confront regional challenges thus to blow up the country as what took place in the past and put an end to it. So the target is Lebanon as a whole. However the target in particular is the Resistance which is embraced by the majority of the Lebanese.

If we are to interpret this idea without hiding behind our finger as I like to be transparent and clear we say: How do some internal and external sides act today? They act as if the essential Resistance currently belongs to the Shiite sect in Lebanon. As regarding the geographic fact, the Resistance exists on the border and it has direct contact with the Israelis. However, the majority in Lebanon embrace the Resistance apart from its belonging to a definite sect because they view the Resistance as a national cause, national responsibility and a national stance.

What are they doing? They want to focus on the relations between Christians and Sunnites and the extent to which they can sabotage them as well as the relations between the Christians and Druze and the relations among the Christians. They are working on all these levels. However the focus at this stage has to do with sabotaging all what has to do with the relations between Shiites and Sunnites, Shiites and Christians and Shiites and Druze. They are working on this. Well this has nothing to do with distorting the image but rather with sabotaging relations at a broader level. This is what they are working at through politics, the media, fabrications and accusations. I will not give evidences from a year, two, three, four or five ago. They are evidences which rather took place two or three weeks ago. At most they took place two or three months ago. Though they might be trivial evidences, they show the methodology and the mentality through which they act.

However, I would like to begin with giving evidences by what took place today to give it priority. It has to do with the indictment. Indeed at previous times we talked lengthily to the effect that the STL is moving in this perspective. It focused on one supposition. It refused to work on any other suppositions despite the existence of indications and conditional evidences through which Israel might be accused or investigating Israel would be valid. Still they are moving on that track and through the past period of time they accused four honorable Resistance men. Today either the complete text or the greater part of what is called the indictment of these Resistance men was published.

Some time ago, I was holding a discussion with the brethrens. I told them that if they were smart they won't publish the indictment or its content. They would rather defer that to the tribunal in abstentia and remain manipulating before us for two, three, four or five month. Only Allah knows until when. However may Allah make luck at our side and they publish the indictment. That's because when the indictment is published, that'll be something good. People would read and see this indictment and this great operation which they are working on internationally - and allow me to say on the Arab and local level. What is its magnitude? What is it based on? How much objective, practical and factual is it? Anyway, I advice all those interested as well as the people to read the whole text though it consists of 45 pages because the issue is essential and a turning point. Here I assert to you that the group I will talk about today started since the first day and will hold a campaign in the coming few days in which they would praise the objectivity and practicality of what the indictment was based on saying they are firm, strong and decisive evidences and this is what indictment itself does not say. I assert that the overwhelming majority of those who will say that did not in fact read the indictment. They will not bother themselves to read 45 pages. However some will write on their behalf and publish under their names. This is what takes place in Lebanon. Indeed in Lebanon when you see 20 to 30 positions issued at a time that does not mean that everyone of them sat down and wrote; rather it was written and published on their names. You know how such things move in Lebanon. Consider what I will say now a primarily comment on my behalf on what was published today. Here I will say the following:

First, what was published stresses the validity of what we have said during the past months and the past two years to the effect that this investigation is neither transparent nor scientific nor professional. This investigation has been leaked through Der Spiegel and Israeli, Arab and foreign newspapers. The Canadian CBC TV also published this indictment.

Frankly speaking, I call on all the Lebanese and non Lebanese to go back to Der Spiegel and the Canadian CBC TV and what was published in the past and compare it with this text. Let them see the faces of congruency and similarity in many places. Now they tried to hide some phone numbers and other details to say that the indictment is not wholly leaked. However this is it. So everything we used to say on leakage and Bellemare as well as the STL used to deny while saying that no one is getting acquainted with the report and the investigation came to be true. Today their claims have been decisively confirmed. The proof is this published text. See the concordance between the text and Dir Spiegel, Le Figaro, Kuwaiti Asseyassiyeh, Yadiot Ahranot, Canadian CBC and others. This asserts that the investigation was not confidential by any means. Everything was written in newspapers since 2009 and 2010 and even back since 2006.

The whole text does not provide any direct evidence. The only thing the indictment is based on is solely telecommunications data. Even more, in communication, the indictment refers to coincidence. So it is not based on that this phone number is in the net that assassinated. It is with so and so. It rather says that the number coincides in place and time with the number of so and so and with another that belongs to so and so. All what it depends on is communication. That needs much interpretation and time. They are few analyses and conclusions which have no legal value. Thus we find that the text repetitively and frequently uses the term "It is possible to conclude" or "It might be concluded in a possible way" or "Since cadres in Hezbollah in the 80s did such operations, it is possible that they do such an operation". What kind of evidence is this?

Anyway, as far as telecommunication is concerned there are two types of discussion:

The first discussion: Through the past year, through official sides, international conferences, international specialists and technicians and the Israeli collaborators who were arrested in the field of communication, the magnitude of Israeli technical and security control on the telecommunication sector in Lebanon was decisively asserted besides the Israeli and others' capability to manipulate the data, fabricating phone numbers and illusionary calls and even using phone numbers that belong to definite persons without their knowledge. This has been proven technically. This alone is enough to challenge the credibility of the communication evidences which the indictment claims resorting to.

Second: Even if we gave in and abandoned all this issue saying that there is no manipulation or Israeli intervention, no one is changing the data, no one fabricated phone calls and no one constructed place coincidences, what was mentioned is not sufficient to be an evidence. It is not a proof. This is even the viewpoint of senior judges who are specialized in this domain.

In all cases, the text is between our hands. It is based on conclusion and analysis and not on direct evidences. They are rather conditional evidences with challenged credibility.

To you sisters and to all the public opinion who are listening to me I say: Today we are more confident that what is taking place is of a high level of injustice, politicization and accusation. These honorable Resistance men should not even be referred to as accused. This is slander, and they are accused by this slander.

Anyway, I will stop here to carry on in my speech. The indictment which was issued today needs more scrutiny and analysis. This is what the brethrens in Hezbollah will dedicate themselves to during the coming few days. The appropriate comments will be thus issued Inshallah.

Going back to my speech, what does this act mean today? This act took place and names were made public while the ministerial statement was being discussed and confidence was being given to Premier Mikati. So it took place on particular timings just as when this issue was being evoked in the past. It is clear that since 2006 – August 2006 and following the war up till today – there has been a clear effort to sabotage the national relations especially between Sunnites and Shiites. Indeed now we are not talking anymore about martyr Premier Rafiq Hariri. Now we are talking about tens of martyrs, hundreds of wounded and hundreds of harmed and the like. Well as far as the Shiite-Sunnite issue is concerned, lately they tried to broaden the circle of accusation and link operations together until reaching the assassination of the leader of the Resistance Martyr George Hawi. Instead of being an indication to accuse Israel, they added this assassination to the others in which they accuse innocent oppressed at a time we all know that the first one to benefit and the first historic revenge seeker from George Hawi is Israel due to the position of this man and his party in the Resistance.

On the level of the other sects, they work on the same track. I will give small examples as evidences. If we add these evidences, they'll be numerous but I do not want to bother you with saying much.

The first evidence is the blast of Antelias. It is a simple incident. Two young men quarreled over money. It was not even proved that one of them wanted to throw the bomb on the other. Perhaps he was threatening or frightening him - Only Allah knows. The bomb exploded, and both men died. Their corpses were still on the ground. O people! I will tell you about the mentality and the methodology. The corpses were still on the ground; still March 14 media outlets and figures started saying - even before the security apparatus and the judiciary body started investigation and before anyone knew what took place – that it was proved these two men came to plant a bomb in Antelias. What was the topic which was used? They used targeting the security of the Christian regions! As soon as the names of the men were known and it was revealed that they belong to a definite sect – meaning they are Shiites - they immediately started their fabrications. The goal is to plant a bomb to threat and target the security of the Christian region. Can anyone tell me what is the aim of this logic which was not said by one figure or two? Lengthy statements and wordy speeches were made. TV outlets made a scoop of it. Websites wrote on this topic for days. Some even openly claimed that Hezbollah was behind the incident. They said that Hezbollah dispatched these men to plant a bomb to target the security of the Christian regions. Note that in the case of the bombing in Ain Alaq, though they knew the doer and he was arrested and tried, they still insist on accusing a definite sect – namely Shiites. They mean to tell the Christians in Lebanon: The Shiites are targeting the security of your region, the security of your men, women and children and the security of your economy and tourism. They waged a campaign based on Antelias bomb. For three or four days they did not stop. They did not take into consideration that it's summer - the tourism season in Lebanon. People might become afraid of going to that place. In fact, it is March 14 Bloc in the first place who is harming morals and afflicting peace, security and economy in the Christian regions. See the accusing conspiring mind they act with any simple incident. Since the first day, we were sure and we knew through the security forces and through sides in the Lebanese judiciary that the issue is that of a bomb and that it is a personal incident. Still, we said let’s wait the official investigation and the judicial verdict. Still nobody was ready to listen. With March 14 Bloc, there’s nothing called investigation, waiting or a true search for the truth. There is always an anticipated accusation and an anticipated verdict. So it is not only an anticipated accusation but also a ready anticipated verdict. They detect anything to comment on and issue verdicts on. This is one example.

I'll give another example on the Christian level before moving to the Druze level. I move to the conflict in the town of Lassa. I saw faces from March 14 dignitaries who talked on the problem of Lassa as if they were talking about the Resurrection Church in Al Qods. I then praised Allah. What took place in Lassa – a small village in Jbeil? There is a dispute over real estate between the town's residences and the Maronite church. They shed light on this dispute and made a big story about it. They worked on it for a week or two what complicates and does not solve the story. They accused Hezbollah in particular. Then they broadened the scope of accusation and accused the Shiites in Bin Jbeil of occupying the land of the Christians. This is the language which was used.

I swear by Allah Al Mighty that I didn't understand the story before they made their attack. I didn't know that there is a problem in Lassa. I asked the brethrens to explain the problem in Lassa around which all this fuzz was made. Then it came to be that the problem is 70 or 80 years old. So it existed before I and perhaps my father was born. It existed before all those who belong to Hezbollah, Amal Movement or the Supreme Islamic Shiite Council were born. The issue has to do with real estate. It is an old rusty issue. It was addressed legally and judicially. A committee from the residences and the patriarchy was formed to address the issue. All of a sudden and at a political moment, the issue of Lassa was evoked to tell the Christians in Lebanon that you are targeted and see what you can do. What is the whole story? The whole story is Lassa.

On the Druze level, the story is funnier and you know I like to say things as they are. Few days ago, one of the brethrens in the Social Progressive Party called me saying that there is a definite state in the Mount. There is a state of fear, panic and anxiety among people. People want arms. They want to get armed. Well what is the story? They said that there is a hill near Aley which overlooks the region. It is a strategic hill and Hezbollah is erecting sand barricades there. Then March 14 Bloc websites were activated and some newspapers wrote headlines saying that cannons and rocket platforms were installed with the aim of addressing Mr. Walid Jumblat and the Socialist Progressive Party with a definite message. So they evoked a bad atmosphere. I started laughing when he told me so. I asked him: Where? He said in Aley! Who went to erect the barricades in Aley? Well there is no problem. Aren't we the people who search for the truth? Let a man from Hezbollah and another from the Socialist Progressive Party go there and spot the sand which was said to be barricades and ask who brought them there so that we understand the story. Then it was revealed that the story has to do with the mayor. In fact, he is affiliated to the Socialist Progressive Party or a supporter or a friend of the party. As a municipality along with some people, they placed the rubbles there. That had to do with a definite thing that has to do with the municipality and those people in particular. The issue had no security or military characteristic. It has nothing to do with Hezbollah or Shiites by whatever means. Still they fabricated on it for four or five days, security messages or political messages to the effect of targeting alliances and practicing pressure.

Well who benefits from that? Even if we talked about the peace, security and stability of people, who is benefiting from that? Who is making people feel worried? Isn't it this media and these anticipated verdicts? Even on the economic level, is Aley or Dahiyeh a tourism region? Who is being hurt even on the economic or tourism level? However when that team work, they do not see tourism or economy or people's stability or fears. Well let the people be at peace for a couple of days. But no, that is impossible. They give the true incident magnified untrue dimensions and they also depict the untrue incident as true and try to build endless analyses on it. If I am to give you more evidences that will take much time. However I liked to say that much to say that this methodology and mentality are the very mentality and methodology we saw on February 14, 2005. The body of Martyr Rafiq Hariri was still on the ground to be taken to the hospital when the accusation was made and the verdict was issued: Syria, the joint Lebanese-Syrian security system, the four officials, the security apparatuses… They were unjust to people. They hurled them in jail from the very first hour. They did not wait for the investigation, justice and courts…

I also want to make you laugh a little more. I told the brethrens that it seems we have to make a tour over the houses in Dahiyeh for example to make sure there are safety valves so that no gas bottle explodes again. Now we became responsible even if a gas bottle explodes in Dahiyeh. For four or five days we remained explaining and stressing that it was a gas bottle. They said that so and so was martyred. Then they say the so and so cadre was killed. At times they say the son of the so and so cadre was killed. The Israeli media also adds to their stories. Well is it possible that a leader, a cadre or the son of a cadre in Hezbollah may be martyred and we hide that? Where do we hide our martyrs? Still they insist on their fabrications stubbornly.

Now, I am not joking. There is a team in Lebanon who is linked to a great project which failed in everything. Now you ask me: Is it possible that they do that? They do even more. During July War they provided the Israelis with advices. They made demands on the Israelis and put conditions for the ceasefire which are to the interest of Israel. Allow me along all the jokes we said to say this phrase and relieve myself: The gloomy, dark, miserable, desperate faces which we saw on August 14, 2006 do even more than that.

Well we have this mentality. On the contrary, this is our country. The people are our people. All the sects are our people whether Shiites, Sunnites, Druze or Christians in all regions. We are a people who want to live together. We want to carry on together. We want to solve our problems together. If we did not cooperate, unite, harmonize and agree, how are we to build our country and address our crises? We will confront even this? How? That is possible through being aware and through conformation. I call on the Lebanese not to accept all what is said in the media. I am not saying reject it. I am rather saying confirm and assert, ask and search for the truth. Be aware of the existing target on the national level. Premeditate, do not get excited, and do not issue anticipated verdicts. Through such a way it will be possible to overcome this stage.

I am personally optimistic because in fact, if we can today pass these ordeals that would be due to the presence of truthful faithful national leaderships from among all the various Lebanese sects. They form the guarantee against smashing this national textile and the guarantee against the sabotage of Lebanon and heading with it towards ordeal and partition.

Besides the existence of truthful and aware political, religious, cultural, media and social elites also who partake in the battle of awareness and confronting the conspiracy of sabotage, there is another guarantee – namely the awareness of the Resistance. The Resistance is aware that it is targeted as the Lebanese people are targeted. Because it is primarily targeted, the Resistance is aware in dealing with all these issues. Thus you find that we are not dragged into many political contests. We do not comment on many of the accusations. If we are only to answer back to the lies of these newspapers, magazines and TV outlets, we need some 200 to 300 brothers and sisters to work day and night and still they will not manage to keep pace with them. We do not want to be dragged because we know who is targeted. So through awareness, we may address the issue of being targeted.

We will end up with the hopes and expectation. In a couple of words I say: I assert to you, to all the Lebanese people and to all those who believe and support the Resistance in the Arab and Islamic world that these pressures, conspiracies, distortions and sabotage attempts will not harm the determination, will and belief of the Resistance in Lebanon at all. I assert to you that the Resistance will remain strong and able to protect Lebanon, the Lebanese people, the dignity of Lebanon, the sovereignty of Lebanon, the Lebanese water and oil wealth within the threefold golden equation: the army, the people and the Resistance. I assert to you that this Resistance will remain adherent to Lebanon and all its people, national unity, civil peace, united army, strength and integrity, and all these conspiracies to sabotage Lebanon and cause sedition and civil war in Lebanon will be gone with the wind.

I assert to you that your Resistance which you support and believe in will be greater than sedition and greater than the oppression afflicting it. It will be greater than the accusations. We have a great tolerance power. This is where our power lies. Our strength is that it is not easy to provoke us. Our strength is that we are not easily persuaded. Our strength is that our will is not easily harmed. Our strength is that our morals are linked to Heavens; thus the people of earth can not harm them. Whoever depends on Allah, Allah suffices him.

I finally say that as this Resistance has always been up to your expectations, it will remain as such. We are proud of your support; you are proud of its credibility and victories Inshallah.

I thank all the sisters in the Women's Branch in the Resistance Support Association in all regions on their will and efforts especially in holding this meeting. I thank you for this great attendance. I ask Allah Al Mighty to make all your days and years full of blessings, kindness and happiness. Hundred returns on you, the Resistance and Lebanon. Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings.