Monday, August 29, 2011

Kosovo organ trafficking: Williamson to head EU probe

In the meantime, the EU is investigating the other "democratic" US/NATO ally in the Mediterranean region: the KLA and its leader, Hashim Thaci for, of all things, Israeli-style organ trafficking.  Just like the Israelis harvested organs from their Palestinian victims, the Kosovo Albanians harvested organs from their Serbian victims.
The report was based on a two-year investigation led by special rapporteur Dick Marty, and it named Mr Thaci - who was the wartime political leader of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) - 27 times.  Organs were taken from prisoners killed by the KLA after the 1999 war against Serb forces
Rebel commanders allegedly ran detention centres in Albania's border with Kosovo, where civilian captives, including Serbs, were killed and their organs sold on the black market.

The US Empire can really be proud of its allies...