Sunday, May 16, 2010

Israel's "FUCK YOU!" to the world

Last year, the lunatics who run the "Jewish state" in occupied Palestine had already deported Norman Finkelstein alleging that he had not provided his interrogators a full account of his travels to Lebanon. This decision was seen by most commentators as both stupid and petty. It might possibly also be illegal because the Law of Return specifically is designed to make it possible for Jews not only to enter, but even to emigrate to the Zionist state. Regardless, very few noted this event.

Well, the crazies did it again, but this time, unbelievably,
they refused entry to another Jew: Noam Chomsky - a man is considered "the most important intellectual alive today" by no less than the New York Times.

Needless to say, the soft spoken and gentle Chomsky is absolutely no threat to the Zionist state, nor would his presence there be a major event, nevermind a problem, for the regime. The true reason for this action is highly symbolic because of what it really means. It means two things:

a) Israel says "FUCK YOU!" to the entire planet which sees Chomsky as the most important intellectual alive.

b) Israel also says "FUCK YOU!" to all the Jews worldwide who would dare to be inspired by Chomsky, Finkelstein and the increasing number of Jews worldwide who are becoming openly critical of the Zionist state.

Having now secured the groveling subservience of the Obama Administration, The Zionist regime is now clearly and openly challenging the entire planet and, for the first time, liberal American Jews, to do anything about its slow motion extermination of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank and the rest of its Apartheid policies.

Of course, we can expect Obama and his Zionist puppet masters to do exactly what they did when Norman Finkelstein was deported or when Cynthia McKinney was jailed in Gaza: nothing.

But amongst liberal American Jews the reaction will be one of angst, even among those who disagree with Chomsky (as most American Jews do). Murdering Palestinians, Arabs or Muslims is basically "okay" with these American Jews who try to convince themselves that Israelis do that only in response to Palestinian, Arab or Muslim violence and intransigence. And few American Jews know much about Norman Finkelstein other that he 1) dared to write about the 'Holocaust' industry and b) that he met with Hezbollah officials in Lebanon. Ergo - Finkelstein is a "bad guy" who deserves what he got.

But every single American Jew knows who Noam Chomsky is.

This is where the Zionist regime has really shot itself in the leg: even such Zio-groupies like Alan Dershowitz will find it very difficult to explain to American Jews that deporting a universally respected Jewish pacifist like Chomsky was somehow indispensable for the security of the "Jewish state".

It appears that the Zionist regime has given up on the "Jewish and Democratic" nonsense. Now, Israel is openly showing its racist and fascist face - one of violence, hatred and brazen racism.

Noam Chomsky should be given a standing ovation for having succeeded in making the Zionists act in such an openly un-democratic and totalitarian way.

The Saker

Note: I apologize for the profanity in the title and text, but I find it absolutely indispensable to convey the full magnitude of the contempt and hatred which the Zionists feel for the rest of mankind