Thursday, January 14, 2010

Israel's latest SNAFU

You all heard the story: the Israelis got pissed-off at Turkey for showing a TV show which they don't like, they decided to humiliate the Turkish envoy to Israel with some totally immature antics (sitting him on a lower chair, only putting a little Israeli flag on the table and by, quote, "not smiling" - at least on camera).

This time, the customary arrogance of the "Jewish state" ended up backfiring badly when the Turks decided not to take that crap and demanded not one, but TWO apologies form a state which is only used to disdainfully accepting all kinds of apologies, but never presenting one

Worse, the Turks actually gave a public ultimatum with an equally public deadline "or else". And the Israelis blinked and rolled over. I can just imagine the terrible anguish that the expert practitioner of "chutzpah" which pass for "diplomats" in the "Jewish state" must have felt when they had publicly present their apologies.

What a fantastic admission of weakness too. If Turkey can humiliate the Ueber-arrogant Israelis, just imagine what a determined major power could do to it!

Whatever one might think of the Turkish government - and I sure am not fan of it at all - it has to be said that Ankara handled this situation brilliantly.

The smackdown of the arrogant bastards who run the "Jewish state" is a fantastic PR success for the Turkish government.
In the past, the Turks have already bullied Syrian into submission (with threats over the PKK), and now they succeeded in bullying the Israelis. The only ones who actually forced the Turks to back down, though not too publicly, where the Russians (who clearly indicated to the Turks that any further intervention in the Caucasus or the Black Sea would be met with force if needed).

I strongly believe that Israel far from being strong, is really an extremely weak state which is hiding this weakness under an external appearance of arrogance and constant sabre-rattling. But look at the fact: the Israeli lost ALL their wars since 1973 - they could not even beat Hamas in Gaza, nevermind Hezbollah in Lebanon - and they are the most unanimously hated nation on earth surviving only by the ruthless exploitation of the USA by the Israel Lobby.

By smacking down the Israelis the Turks have essentially declared "the Emperor has no clothes!". Hopefully, everybody else will now come out of their stupor and follow suit.

The Saker