Friday, September 12, 2008

Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah's September 7th speech - full transcript

Televised Speech in an Iftar (Repast) dinner organized by the Resistance Support Board in Baalbak:

As I said before I am going to formulate an introduction that matches with the occasion of Ramadan and through which I will be tackling issues concerning the region as well as Lebanon.

I am going to talk about the doctrinal issue which needs very accurate, responsible and sensitive approach that helps in overcoming such a calamity.

As he describes the events of Doomsday, Almighty God says: “Oh, people show piety to God; it’s the time of shaking which is mighty as each breast-feeding mother will be away from whom she has fed, each pregnant will be delivering her embryo, you see people as drunk (from the events of that hour), whereas they aren’t, but your Lord’s punishment is severe.”

In his sermon in which he welcomes the coming of Ramadan month , Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) states: “Oh people, whoever improves his manner in this month will be able to pass along the path when feet will be falling; whoever reduces his evil, God will deal easily with him the day when he meets him; whoever is more honorable with an orphan, God will honor him the day he meets him; whoever volunteers a prayer, God will decide his freedom from the hell-fire.”

These verses and statements aim at driving people’s attention to the existence of the afterlife, the other world, the doomsday, when all people: the little ones, the elderly, the ancients, the dear as well as the low people will be gathered on one land named religiously as the Desert of Resurrection. Nothing distinguishes between them; neither their noble descent nor their ancestry; all will be waiting for God’s Judgment in addition to their books their deeds are listed in.

These aim at having beliefs strengthened, conducts improved, spirits purified, and behaviours corrected.

This fact is found in all divine messages; lots of reverses talk about the doomsday, reward-punishment, Heaven-Hell, and everything relates with one’s afterlife destiny.

These aim at having people showing repentance and returning back (to God’s path) benefiting from the given opportunity of being alive.

No separation exists between this life and the afterlife- that’s obvious in the divine messages; our afterlife there is the outcome of our life here; worldly existence is the plantation for the world to come; you sow here and reap there; you work here and get the results there.

Ramadan month is one of the greatest God grants in this life; it has the strongest connection with the afterlife than any other month; there’s a great opportunity seeking repentance; heaven’s doors are open; hell’s doors are locked; people are being hosted by God, the most generous who bestows lavishly upon them. Among the things that the guest demands is forgiveness for all of his misdeeds as well as freedom from the hellfire.

Another aspect of Ramadan month is that during its time, rewarding is multiplied. Making effort in this month has its special outcome the Prophet’s sermon declares.

God observes in a very special way any little and good doing -no matter how humble it could be. This exceptional opportunity that is available in this month is for our advantage.

Being concerned in the afterlife destiny is central in the prophetic pedagogy aiming at having human hearts connected with God, for a connection with God is an enduring one whereas a connection with this earthy existence is passing and aiming at establishing the concept of performing duty; the duty of avoiding what has been forbidden by God which is the normal requirement that nourishes this faith and certainty.

We as a faithful and Jihadist (struggling) movement in Lebanon, we do come from this faithful and conceptual background upon which we raise ourselves, bothers, sisters, sons, daughters, and the people around us whom we may address and influence. Happiness is in the afterlife, but we do care for human being’s glory in this world by not turning back to hungry, oppressed or poor people.

People’s destiny in the afterlife and neighboring God along with his Prophets is our priority that feeds our background.

Although we are not infallible, but when we make a response to any stimuli we do care for Gods pleasure and our own afterlife advantage.

This is the background of the Resistance movement of Hezbollah; this background is also shared with some other resistant movements too. It’s upon which Sayyid Mousa AL Sader based the beginning of the Resistance movement in the 1970s.

In 1982, when the (Israeli) enemy invaded Lebanon and occupied great parts of Lebanon reaching Beirut, Mount Lebanon, the western Beqaa, Rashayah, and a part of the middle Beqaa while the rest parts of Lebanon were under the (Zionist) enemy threat, the youths stood to fight the occupation. What imposed such a stance is our religious duty along with the national and ethical ones. However, the religious one was the most influential.

Youths, who were very young, decided to perform their duty. The duty which is unquestionable and uncontroversial as it’s a religious principle set by the religious reference or authority that says whenever a Muslim land is invaded it’s a duty to defend without asking for permission neither from the infallible leader (Imam) himself nor from the political ruler.

When a land or a people are subjected to humiliation, it’s the duty of the people to carry on their weapons for confrontation without asking anyone’s permission.

With this particular faithful background our movement started. This also interprets that although those Lebanese youth whose own lands are not being occupied, but still they chose to move on from Beqaa and Baalbak to fight and liberate Beirut, Mount Lebanon, Sidon, Tyre, AL Nabatiyeh, Mahsghara, Rashayah, Hasbayah, Marjeiyoun, Al Taybah, Bint Jebiel, Annaqourah and many others just because of the faith factor.

Now we can understand why many of your youths from your resistant and struggling areas have gone. That’s why Sayyid Abbas Al Mousawi had left his easy life here in the Beqaa (going to the mosque, the religious institution, and practicing Friday’s prayers) and relocated to the South moving form one site and front to another until he was killed on the hands of God’s enemy (Israelis).

That’s why this area has been side by side with the Resistance without showing any sign of hesitation or regret for considering itself as performing its own duty.

With such a background the Resistance has continued. It’s due to its personal dynamic and self-motivated character.

This Resistance doesn’t age or grow old. It doesn’t feel tired because its spirit is connected with the source of eternity, and its background, will, ambitions, hopes, sought rewarding and position are all connected with the Creator of this universe.

So, it’s always renewed. No old age and senility within a Resistance that is linked to the pure source.

All those involved in conspiracies against this Resistance have been upset for their failures although they have killed its leaders, stimulated against it, seized it, and accused it.

After being observed as a materialistic presence, today this movement is being observed from another perspective: its influence. Its influence on the street and the way it’s strengthening the culture of a very special Resistance in the Arab-(Israeli) conflict.
That’s why it’s in the USA and (Israel) targeting circle.

Now, I’m going to narrate some dated events to come to a conclusion.

As it was impossible to badly approach the Resistance, attempts of accusing it started.

In the last Iftar (Repast), I tackled the claiming of monopolizing the Resistance. Still others who claim that this Resistance is Syrian or Iranian in an attempt to empower the spirit of sectarianism and presenting it as if it’s targeting the other sects.

This campaign hasn’t started now, but it dates back to the 1960s. The graphic curve of the Resistance has been upward ascending from the 1990 till 2000 due to some combined factors: the Taif Agreement, the halt of the civil war, in addition to the concentrated effort of the Resistance itself.

In the 1990s, the Resistance shining glory covered both the Arab and Muslim worlds including Lebanon of course as we are resisting from this land. The Resistance was performing quantum operations and evacuating the (Israelis) from some areas. This was the foundation phase of the Resistance’s reputation in these worlds, but none was heard using the sectarian or doctrinal language. The case in some Arab countries was worse due to the states’ relations with USA and also due to the starting presence of satellite stations that instead of broadcasting that “Lebanese Hezbollah did so and so” they intended to say that “the Shiite Hezbollah which supports Iran did so and so”. Check their archives. At that time, we didn’t comment as our relation with the Sunnis in Lebanon was okay. Now, why such insistence? It’s in order to present two barriers between Hezbollah and the Arab world and to say to the Arab world that look these are Shiites with whom you have no connection and that these support the Persians while you are Arab. They used the doctrinal and regional barrier.

In 2000, the Resistance achieved its historical victory that was embraced by the hearts with pride and honour of all the Arabs and the Muslims. Although the Resistance always keeps on proving itself orally and practically as a religious movement performing fasting and praying and showing commitment to religious principles; yet we are neither doctrinal nor sectarian. And since we are religiously committed, we are indeed nationalists and regionalists of the first degree.

Some still claim that Hezbollah is bringing the nation’s problems into that small country of Lebanon. Even this merit is considered as a sort of accusation by them. Then, it- “Lebanese Hezbollah”- was used instead of “the Shiite Hezbollah who supports Iran” as this phrase became unsuitable.

We overcame that period and we entered a new phase with the Resistance victory that left its impacts and resulted in the rise of the great struggling Intifada in Occupied Palestine, the Intifada with which we are in connection due to our political, media, psychological materialistic position as well as our on-field experience.

This relationship which we are proud of in both worlds here and the afterlife as well is well-known by our friends and the enemy.

We overcame that period; even though still others who claim that the victory of the 25th of May in 2000 is a game, an American-(Israeli)-Iranian-Syrian deal with Hezbollah to be donated an achievement and to present (Israel) as defeated in the South in order to strengthen the position of Hezbollah, Syria and Iran in the region. Of course, this is a ridiculous expression that couldn’t be acceptable by a rational and couldn’t be uttered unless by a spiteful!

Is it possible that (Israel) would have accepted getting out low and defeated and leaving its collaborators on the streets in a way that torn apart its entity and that established the ground for the Intifada?! All of that to have our position upraised in Lebanon?! What sort of thinking is this?!

Till 2005, the claim that the Resistance and its weapons are targeting some internally hadn’t been stirred yet. The atmosphere was that this Resistance had liberated the land and that when it won it declared this victory as not being of one party, movement, or sect over the other or being of the Muslims over the Christians or even away form them, but rather as being for the whole homeland, all Lebanese, the entire nation, as well as for all Arabs. The atmosphere showed also that despite its victory, the Resistance had never asked for a prize.

New atmosphere became after the massive earthquake of the assassination of the former Lebanese Primer President Rafiq Al Hariri on the 14th of April in 2005 and after the departure of the Syrian troops later on. Some started then to consider that the Resistance file is done leaving behind the chapters of Shebaa farms identity and the detainees.

The claim that the Resistance and its weapons are a threat was not worked on or stirred within the Druze or the Sunni communities due to the tetra-alliance of the 2005 elections, but some Christian leaders tried their best to demonstrate through media and internationally the Resistance weapons as a threat against the Christian presence. Some are still working on this claim.

For sure we tried but frankly we didn’t feel that much responsibility to talk with all sides in Lebanon before this year; we didn’t feel that sort of danger on the Resistance. It was until the internal and regional transformations took place that we initiatively went on communicating with Christian leaderships starting from the Patriarch reaching all other religious positions along with political parties of different levels of presentation as the size of the party was not of our concern, but we were seeking communication, national unity, coexistence and even one living. We became open-mined even with some Christian political powers with whom we were in a previous dispute; we built an election alliance in a way or another, and consequently they won parliamentary seats with the help our votes, but an election dispute occurred later due to certain reasons. On the other hand, we maintained coordination with General Michel Aoun and his Free Patriotic Movement using our old relationships with Christian leaders in different areas. An accord that combined between Hezbollah and the Free Patriotic Movement was reached. The attempts led in the beginning to an affinity and then to an understanding. That day we declared, but I would like to remind once again due to the sensitivity of the issue: this accord was not against any other sects or political powers, because when we signed it we were in a political and electoral alliance with the Future Movement and the Socialist Progressive Party with whom we were together as ministerial bloc in the cabinet of Premier President Fouad Siniora; we were together within the cabinet framework; thus, this open-mindedness to such large and wide Christian movement wasn’t at all targeting any other sects, political powers. Its actual aim was having greater level of communication among the Lebanese people and different Lebanese categories. It’s true that this accord was signed only by Hezbollah and the Free Patriotic Movement, but it left its echoes on a wide scope of our friends like Amal Movement, and the rest of the national political powers. And this was obviously reflected through out the opposition frame. This comprehension established the ground of an internal peace among citizens, people of the villages and alleys as well as among families as General Aoun himself expressed. This was the atmosphere until the eve of the war.

Different religious and political Christian positions were becoming aware through our communication that we provided that neither the Resistance nor its weapons targets them. We provided many assuring elements and we proved through our truthfulness and credibility in keeping the promises we make and in the commitment we take. This created a great atmosphere of assurance.

Now, the screaming of some of the March 14 group can’t change the stance on the national or the internal Christian level because it doesn’t serve the national interest, but rather that of the (Israeli). I am not accusing or betraying any but the (Israeli) states it clearly that he wants to disarm the Resistance and there is here in this country who calls for the same demand. I am saying that being aware or not this screaming serves the (Israeli) publicly announced aim.

I can say that to a great degree we overcame the claim that the Resistance targets the Christians; this was proved through the conduct and the behaviour of the Resistance before 2000, whilst the liberation of Jezine district and the occupied territories. The way it dealt not only with its own people but also with the scholars proved that it wasn’t targeting the Christians or even the Muslims, but rather set for defence purpose of all Christians and Muslims.

We overcame the issue on the national level, and July war was launched then, irrespectively now of its reasons whether it was the Resistance capture of the (Israeli) soldiers or not for I have discussed that previously and I will not repeat now.

In a couple of days preceding the operation, we were open-minded and were discussing issues around the table of the National Dialogue. And one weak prior I had demonstrated the Defence Strategy from the perspective of Hezbollah; whereas in one week that followed the capture other sides came to discuss the Strategy. And after the last session of the dialogue i.e. before the war on 6 or 7 July the leader of the Future Movement came to the Secretariat General where we spent hours coordinating and discussing what to approach in the coming session as he promised that he would work with his allies to smooth the atmosphere and delay the negotiation at least three months ahead in order to enjoy an acceptable summer.

Thus our relation with the Future Movement, Dar Al Fatwa, the Mufti, or any other Sunni sides in Lebanon was not cut; moreover, we were in good relation with whom were called later the Sunnis of the opposition, as well as with Sunni religious men, movements, parties, groups and associations that are well known and historically deep-rooted. And we couldn’t or even we didn’t invent any new presence within the Sunni community as some claim of Hezbollah violation of this community. There are already deep-rooted Sunni groups, figures, leaderships, houses, and movements whose national loyalty, positions, stances are well-known, and with most of whom we have been in good relation for many long years. And just like how we behaved with the Christian community we did insist on having a wide fan of such openness with the Sunnis community.

Until the evening of 12th July there was no real negative atmosphere but a tension initiated by Jumblat who publicly announced that his dispute with Hezbollah started when he asked Hezbollah to declare its stance against Syria. We didn’t respond because we had found no justifiable or even unjustifiable evidence to do so. All of what we have heard was accusation. Concerning the four General who have still been imprisoned; I am not even asking to set a trial for them today and that if you sentenced them then allow their freedom; I am not asking to free them since no evidence has been found all along their imprisonment period to accuse them. So, we refused to step into this dispute and conflict as we were observing a regional and an international mobility that targets systems in the region. Yes, at that time a tension started only with the Social Progressive Party and not with MP Saad Al Hariri, the Future Movement or the Premier President; on the contrary, Al Hariri was an intermediary on the margin of the table of the national dialogue where we together held aside sessions discussing the names of the presidential candidates in mutual relationship with me and tri-relationship with House Speaker Nabih Berri. Some days ahead, the war was launched.

It was until the war was launched that the tension with the Future Movement started- I am not concerned now in the tension with March 14 group. But was it based on a Sunni-Shiite background? Was it for the purpose of gaining any posts, authority, or Sunni-Shiite portions or conflict? We were disagreeing on how we could deal with July (Israeli) imposed war on Lebanon and on the ways to exit this war. It was an intrinsic and deep dispute due to the stance of the war whose trend and results concern Lebanon, Palestine and the whole Arabian region. These were not the concern of the Shiites alone, but rather the Shiites, the Sunnis, the Druze and the Christians in the entire region, i.e. all the people and the governments of the region. Thus, we disagreed due to political reason and not doctrinal one. But it happened that we are Shiites and they are Sunnis. Unfortunately now, some religious men are working on relating Hezbollah-the Future Movement dispute to the events took that took place during the first decades of the Islam era that followed the death of Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him). What’s the connection? Do you mean that we were not in dispute before the war and now we became in such situation because we’ve remembered what happened 1400 years ago? It’s misleading. Our disagreement with the Future Movement and Dar AL Fatwa who joined later on along with other Lebanese Sunni positions isn’t based at all on a doctrinal ground.

The matter is that we had our own different point of views concerning how to deal with July war whereas they had their own stances against the negotiations that were taking place and the conditions- that you are all aware of, but I am here narrating to say it’s a political affair.

And even though we didn’t have our communication cut during the war ; our ministers kept working under the parliament roof as well as our politicians kept in a persistent contact with Saad AL Hariri and his assistants until the post period of the war.

But I want to remind you and I am challenging here if anyone in Lebanon or in the world can come with one evidence that says that Hezbollah all along the 33 days of the war when we were being bombarded, our houses being destroyed, our people displaced, our youths were being killed, our women and children being massacred, and we were all subjected to an uprooting war from existence; on the other hand, a blind media campaign internally distrusting and accusing us claiming that we had caused the damage of the country for the interest of the Iranian nuclear file! Actually, I can’t absorb that! Imagine that we had launched a war and we won it, would that change a bit in the Iranian nuclear file or would that have USA driven away from Iran? You said that our war is an adventure. But whom were we fighting?

Isn’t (Israel) that owns that power and that is internationally backed?

I would like to say that if Iran had addressed USA as saying that: look; take Hezbollah, slaughter him, chop him, eat him, and take Hamas, the Islamic Jihad, the Palestinian Resistance, the Iraqi Resistance along with Jerusalem, Karbala and An-najaf, but leave the Iranian nuclear file, would USA have accepted that? It would not. A little degree of rationality is required to absorb that. Both (Israel) and USA see Iran as the first threat in the world; (Israel) views Iran as a strategic threat against its presence while USA against its interests. Noting is able of being sold or bought in the Iranian file. It’s a matter of the guarantee and unity of Iran, the courage of the Iranian leadership as well as the steadfastness of the Iranian people.

It’s said that in this war we were defending against Syria, but July war was a threat against Syria too. If we had been defeated, the war would have to be continued against Damascus and threatening Syria. We kept silent despite all of the accusation, but I am challenging now that all along the 33 days of the war if anyone of Hezbollah leadership or even the ordinary people uttered a word that accused or attacked any other? –Never. We were one hearted with one priority which was the war, and we were showing tolerance against all what we were hearing and all what was said internally even until the end of the war when rebuilding was our another priority.

Their campaign was continued after the war, and then the well-known statement in the Bristol appeared and created that tension. Our sin was that after the war we called for the foundation of the National Unity Government. But was our call aiming at having the Shiite or Hezbollah portions in the cabinet increased? We called for this government because our country needs the participation and the presence of all. Unfortunately, we became face-to-face with the Premier President who’s Sunni due the political structure of this country, and with the Future Movement that is Sunni too while we are Shiites. But after the end of the war I repeat that the conflict was political and not doctrinal.

Then, we entered a new phase. I hesitated to say what I will say but it’s found on the Takfiri (expiatory) sites on the Internet as well as in some mosques in some areas in the Arab world in addition to that it appeared in some Arabian journals; unfortunately, it has been promoted although two years have passed since the end of the war. It sounds like what was circulated in 2000 but this time it has to a certain degree a wider scope. They are claiming that Hezbollah’s victory is a Hezbollah-(Israeli) deal to upraise the Shiite position in the Arab world after what happened in Iraq i.e. the accusations of Shiite sides against each other; thus it was a drama to launch a war that would result in lifting the Shiite position high in both the Arabian and Islamic worlds! This statement is more ridiculous than that, but unfortunately it’s being promoted.

Imagine that we had been mad and crazy to the extent that we would have caused damage to our families, youths, lives, and children; while on the other hand and for the first time (Israel) along with its middle place was being bombarded and facing such a hard war that seemed like an earthquake. All of that to upraise the Shiite position once again in the Arab world?!! This statement could only be uttered by irrational and said by a malicious. This was taking place at the same time that the war’s results came to be for the advantage of the Resistance and the stamina project in Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq and the region. And the war was finally by God’s Will a great tack in the bier of the existence of this entity that is extorting Jerusalem and Palestine.

Despite that, they tried to drive this victory toward the Sunni-Shiite and doctrine course, but such attempt turned useless. Thanks God that as you have seen in the post era of the war it became obvious that the thinking, the position, the culture of the Resistance as well as the respect for it were increasing in both the Arab and Islamic worlds that turned deaf ears for these assessments that lack logic, an evidence as well as a rational, ethical and humanitarian base. And that’s because right is always brilliant and honest plus that the Resistance project, aims, targets are also clear and brilliant.

After the war we entered a new phase. The new claim was that it’s particularly Hezbollah along with the Resistance that targets the Sunnis in Lebanon and that they are both a threat against the Sunnis. New language was developed by some religious men, paper, media, political powers that were Sunnis and non-Sunnis as well and that they were eager to tensioning the atmosphere; it was also worked upon by some Arabian Satellite stations, journalism and sites. And it’s the Resistance who is supposed to provide every morning and evening guarantees that it is not targeting the Sunnis and that it isn’t an enemy to the Sunnis. This isn’t due to a chance but well-planned.

There was a bet that (Israel) is going to wipe up Hezbollah from presence; that was the indoor talk in the salons, houses, and sessions, but July war came and the (Israeli) made its best. In addition to that, the day and night training by which Barack has been threatening us is now being subjected to a criticism of a senior (Israeli) General from the Northern district who declared: “All the training and the endeavors are going wrong,” and that “they won’t solve the problems”. He said also: “We aren’t ready to launch a war as our internal (Israeli) front also hasn’t been prepared yet”.

Anyway, this paper has fallen and no war is coming by God’s Will. But trust in God, in the resistant men, in your people and in your families that who brought failure for the (Israeli) in July war will make this enemy too weaker to achieve any of his aims.

What is left is driving Hezbollah into the doctrinal sedition and conflict; the Christian affair was protected- that’s why some are annoyed from Aoun. We have already watched TV. What a civilized political address! Is that how competitors or political opponents deal with each other?

Whenever General Aoun speaks, he is attacked by Christians of March 14 Group and of others. Their problem is that Aoun could have established a great deal of peace among citizens and kept one of the most important elements of Lebanon’s power. Concerning his stance about the helicopter, his was similar to much other leadership in Lebanon, but he was the only one subjected to this sort of attack. This makes the picture clearer indeed.

Then, pushing into Sunni-Shiite course started. But our history and conduct have never shown doctrinal or sectarian approach. Judge us since 1990 because by that time Hezbollah had been established himself as a well-organized structure with a Secretary General. It could happen just like in the early of any other young movement that before being organized anyone of us would speak in a wise whilst the other speak in a different wise.

Bring me any of Hezbollah’s speeches from the 1990s till now in which we approached any affair according to sectarian or doctrinal standards or even tackled Shiite affairs separately from that of the Lebanese or the rest of the peoples of our nations. Who’s delivering the sectarian and doctrinal speech today? Who’s classifying cities into Sunni, Shiite, Christian or Druze? -We. When? When did we use such a sectarian and doctrinal language? -Never. It’s neither our speech, conduct, behavior, stances, nor were our relations based on sectarian and doctrinal ground. Even when we go in alliance, a friendship or dispute our standards are always based according to the national perspective and the great conflict against the (Israeli) enemy.

Before the 7th of May 2008, the entire prevailing atmosphere was to drag us into Sunni-Shiite course- the other has greater responsibility concerning this. You have seen the language being used; it has never been used, or even spoken in a similar way by any of us. It was developed by some religious men, political positions, and media; a language that was full of stimulation, dark and pessimistic; this indeed was provoking the street.

Then, who thinks that he may be able to achieve a civil peace, conciliation and calmness whereas media, speeches, platforms are uncontrolled? They are doing one thing and it's opposite simultaneously. Impossible! Who wants to have the ground calm has firstly to get media and political address calm. I am also challenging if anyone can bring an evidence of our use of a doctrinal and sectarian stimulating language during the previous year.

On the 7th of May there was great pressure and feud to drag the government into a confrontation against the Resistance through the government’s ominous decisions taken in that ominous night. It happened that the Premier Minister is Sunni- if he had been Christian, Shiite or of the Druze we would have dealt similarly. What was wanted at that time was to have the government taken this kind of decisions and be dragged into a confrontation that would be also driven into Sunni-Shiite sedition. What was wanted also was to have a street-to-street, city-to-city and alley-to-alley fighting.

Today, they are talking about the refusal of having Beirut as the city of alleys. Before 2005, homes were filled with individual weaponry without any problem. Who came and opened in Beirut those well-known armed offices under security company titles? What was wanted was to drive all of us to a daily bloody fighting that would continue over one, tow or three weeks. A great number of fighters were being brought from outside Beirut. We do differ in the assessment of what happened on the 7th of May; what happened was the burying alive of the Sunni-Shiite sedition and blocking the ways to a civil war and sedition path; what happened was not the foundation of Sunni-Shiite sedition.

Now, after all of what happened, we went to Doha where we agreed on having media campaigns shut. Ours were stopped; however, that of the others have not yet especially the media, the political figures and the representatives of the Future Movement. I am not here attacking the Future Movement but rather describing in order to solve the issue between us. Attacks continued with reasons or even without. But even when we were disagreeing about the ministerial statement all during the 15 sessions, was this disagreement based on Sunni-Shiite ground? -Never. We are not disagreeing for posts or portions, but for a text that touches the Resistance right. And the Resistance is neither Shiite nor Sunni; the destiny of Lebanon and the area is linked to this Resistance. The blessings and the benefits of this Resistance are for all. That’s what the entire dispute about. It wasn’t a matter of Sunni-Shiite, doctrinal or a matter of beliefs. It was political; it was in greater relation to the destiny of the Sunnis more than that of the Shiites. Despite all of that, the discussion of the ministerial statement was continued in the parliament; however, attempts still going to hang everything on Hezbollah’s wall to attack him.

Now, dealing with the lies of “Sanin”, it’s said that we are there with “radars”. I wish I would not be upset if we really were. The latest piece of news was that Hezbollah is in Akar’s high and barren mountains; it’s Hezbollah who is behind the quarrels that are going on in Tripoli- and we are all aware of how things are going on; “it’s Hezbollah who’s making the sedition there and it’s the one who is arming both sides of the conflict. Although it’s Hezbollah who gets things easier in his speeches and instructs people to show tolerance; however there will be the Day of Judgement, “the day when all secrets will be disclosed”, on that day it will be known that it is Hezbollah who worked the hardest in secret using his friendships and contacts away form media to have an end to such a sedition in Tripoli because we believe that what’s going there is dangerous. Today, I declare my support to any attempt that buries the sedition; whoever the sponsor of the reconciliation might be whether the Premier President or MP Saad al Hariri, the President, Al Mufti Malik Al Shaar or Mohammad Rashid Qabbani; what’s important is sparing bloodshed and removing parapet set between Lebanese there in Tripoli because what was intended was the establishing of a dangerous and hatful doctrinal and sectarian sedition that threatens both the country and the region. Some were working on that willingly and with fully awareness of the possible outcome. I am here announcing in the name of Hezbollah that we are in support of any reconciliation in Tripoli in particular and in the North in general. Thanks God, none has conditioned anything prior the reconciliation; none requested apologies; people are forgiving each other despite the fact that the total human loss, victims, martyrs, burning houses, and damage of stores in Tripoli was greater than that took place on the 7th of May in Beirut; people have felt that a real danger is threatening all in Tripoli and the North; thus, they decided to reconcile with no prior condition.

Today, I address the Sunni community as declaring that neither Hezbollah nor the Resistance aims at targeting any Sunni, Druze, Shiite, Christian, or any political group, sect or doctrine.

Again, I say that Hezbollah is not competing any on the authority. You have seen what we did when we got a cotta of three ministers; this is not a donation for our allies; we’ve just performed our duty and kept our promises. It’s the right of our allies to be with us in the ministry department, but have you ever heard such news in the history of Lebanon? Has anyone left his ministerial seats for the advantage of his ally?

We aren’t seeking authority or leadership. We see in keeping the Resistance as the power, the protection and the stamina of Lebanon. We have deep awareness of the (Zionist) project and the (Israeli) greediness in the region, and that’s why we hold firmly this Resistance by which we defend Lebanon, its honour, its dignity along with the Arabian and Muslim nations’ honour. We defend by our children, sons, daughters, women, houses, alleys, belongings, ages, young ages and we don’t seek being awarded or thanked by any. As I addressed the Arabs during July war, “We want nothing from you; just leave us alone.” Today, I address the internal as saying the same “We want nothing from any; just leave us alone. We are not competing any on all of what people compete.”

Well, we said that we are open-minded and ready- for sure it’s not I who decides who represents the Sunnis in Lebanon- this is the structure of Lebanon today, but at the end of the day we have our own relations with respectful and high-ranked Sunni leaderships, powers, fronts, parties, groups and figures that have their degree of presentation which can’t be ignored or overcome. When dialogue started with some Salafi figures, it didn’t aim at violating the Sunni community the contrary, we are coming from totally far positions, the same situation concerning our comprehensive accord with the Free Patriotic Movement. We were coming from different positions, we quarrelled during the parliamentary elections. A mutual understanding takes place between two far groups who start to be closer and start to talk to reach a comprehension; it’s until lately that a comprehensive document could be reached. But why then things were turned upside down? It’s said that Hezbollah is violating the Sunni community. What do I have in that community to violate? I have my own wide and different relations and friendships with the Sunnis in Lebanon whereas I still have a larger, wider and more important relations in the Arab world.

We are not working to violate any sect; on the contrary, we support all attempts for an accord within the same sect and among sects. Our friends are working on this level. That’s Lebanon structure. And we believe that the unity and the gathering in this country are the most powerful factors for the Resistance strength; whereas, being lost in internal conflict weakens the Resistance in a way or another. That’s why when the other side became under attack, we issued a statement in which we called for having the comprehensive document frozen or even cancelled. And we left them the choice of doing whatever proper they may think about because we don’t want to have you in dispute with your families, friends and brothers. And this step was for the gathering and not the violation. Any way, the new National Unity Government has been established and here we are in front of a new opportunity to solve the situation. Today, I am calling for a couple of points:

Some thought that by cancelling this comprehensive document that they are sending a message to Hezbollah that who represents the Sunnis in Lebanon is either the Future Movement or Dar Al Fatwa. This was obvious in their political address. It’s not I who accept or refuse. It’s the matter of concern of the other side, the Sunnis themselves who could decide by whom to represented. I am not denying the position of Dar AL Fatwa or the real degree of representation of the Future Movement. And that’s why we said that we are ready for any meeting, dialogue or corporation to get our country out of this tension.

Today, I renew my call to sit together without prior conditions ; reconciliation is desired in Tripoli as well as in Beirut; it has been achieved in Taalebayah and Saadnayel, but still needs to be fixed. Believe me; we are the most affected by fire shooting and any internal conflict. And when we are dragged to an internal conflict that is due to two cases: either when it’s imposed on us or when we feel that the Resistance which is the most important to us is in danger. The Resistance isn’t a doctrinal, sectarian or private project; it's stamina and a power of Lebanon and the Arabs.

Concerning my meeting with Saad AL Hariri, I announced that I am ready to sit and discuss together, but whereabouts is problematic now. He has suggested a place that’s easy to go to but too hard to return from. Nobody agrees on being involved in solving a problem and get into another greater one. You know that security threats are not kidding, but serious. And we are dealing seriously with such treats. Then, in case that a direct meeting between Saad Al Hariri and me can’t be held, no mind of having another Hezbollah-the Future Movement meeting with different representation level. We are open-minded toward each of the Future Movement, Dar Al Fatwa, any other Sunni political powers (whether being religious, or secular) any religious positions, religious men, and different Islamic Sunni sides (whether being Salafi or not).

Today, I am calling for –although narration is painful but it reflects the reality which was just sour, painful, and hard. However, it’s normal to feel the pain as you are healing your wounds. My call and address in the blessing month of Ramadan and through the platform of the Islamic Resistance Support Board as well from the city of Baalcak that embraces the Shiites, the Sunnis, and the Christians all of who are having historical relationships; from the city of Baalback that refused to be involved in such a conflict, catastrophe or sedition as whose religious men, elite, leaders, families and people were eager to overcome the catastrophe, and when individual quarrels took place, as in AL Labwa or AL Ein, the situations were just under control trying to put things in their real narrow individual circles without allowing them of being extended to any doctrinal or sectarian dimension- and this is a model that should be followed in Lebanon; so, from the city of the sun which I wish that will shine all over Lebanon and the region, and the sun of the Resistance, its leader Sayyid Abas Al Mousawi, and its martyrs has shone previously;

I want to restate that we in Hezbollah don’t get involved in any sectarian or doctrinal conflict against any Lebanese sect and that none of our disagreements with any movement, group, party, leadership, figure, or any political or religious positions of the different sects and doctrines is based on political reasons.

We are ready to fold all chapters of the past; we are ready for the treatment all the wounds; we are open-mined to every dialogue, and I call once again for establishing a dialogue; some claim that Hezbollah wants to escape from the national dialogue. -Never. Let’s sit tomorrow. We are always ready for it as we have logic, thought, evidence and experience; we have the theoretical and practical logic. We are ready to discuss those with different logic too.

I wish that Ramadan month will be the time of the Tripoli, the Northern, the Sunni-Shiite and Lebanese-Lebanese reconciliation. All of us should seize the moment no matter how different our assessments of what happened are. Let’s initiate. We are going to initiate, and let the other initiate too.

I address the good people and the public of the Sunnis, the Shiites, the Muslims, the Druze, as well as the Christians as saying: don’t ever be the fuels of any dispute or conflict; be accurate; don’t lend your ears and don’t be controlled by your tribalism.

And I address the Shiites as saying: don’t accept everything we say unless it is righteous; accept what's righteous and refuse what's wrong; it's desirable to us to inform in case we were saying something wrong- I said the Shiites since that's the structure of this country. We do accept this logic in the wider scope.

I ask all Lebanese from different religions and political trends to be far away from being fanatical to any figure, party, sect, area or geography; be seekers of what is righteous; don’t allow any sedition or bloody conflict; refuse any who delivers a tensioning address or calls for a sedition; let’s have what I have already said as a standard; refuse who creates stimuli against one another; ignore him and set him aside; follow who would like to combine. It’s the blessing Ramadan, the month of the mercy, forgiveness, pardon, amnesty, being merciful with one another, cordiality, brotherhood, meeting and visiting relatives; let’s seize the special opportunity and the great grace given by God to have our wounds and pains healed and to re-gather ourselves once again for the best of our life and afterlife as well.

(Translated by: Norma AL Khansa)