Sunday, June 1, 2008

Iraqi government rejects US SOFA; bomb explodes near Iranian embassy in Baghdad

It's official now: even the Iraqi government has rejected the US SOFA. The former Prime Minister, Ibrahim al-Jaafari also condemned the SOFA as "undermining the Iraqi sovereignty".

Of course, that rejection should not be seen as some sudden outburst of patriotic fervor: the Maliki regime is a US stooge and that did not change overnight. But even a US stooge cannot openly defy a united Shia opposition to the SOFA. Besides, the Iraqi government spokesman did add that the "negotiations were at an early stage" leaving the door wide open for a slightly amended version of the SOFA to be endorsed.

Still, this development is significant as it illustrates that a united Shia front is a force which even the occupation cannot successfully challenge.

Lastly, a car bomb exploded near the Iranian embassy in Baghdad. Coincide? Hardly.