Friday, July 13, 2007

Hezbollah official: Israeli army can't face us

Sheikh Nabil Kaouk, Hezbollah's leader in south Lebanon said on Tuesday that the Israeli occupation army does not have the ability to face his party another time.
In an interview with IRNA Iranian news agency toward the anniversary of the Second Lebanon War, Kaouk said, "It will take the Israeli army a long time to rehabilitate its military and morale ability before it will be ready for another war with Hezbollah."
Mocking the Israeli occupation forces, Sheikh Kaouk said, "Now, following the Winograd Commission's report, the level of shame and the fragility of the Zionist soldiers are more obvious than ever."
His eminence said the war's results are a failure and shame to 'Israel' and the United States, who "still aim for a different Middle East". He continued to compare the current situation in Lebanon to the situation before the war saying that we have entered a new phase.
"Each day this regime experiences more repercussions of that war, of the failure and the shame. Not a day goes by that they don't blame the Israeli generals or they (the generals) resign," he added.
Speaking of the United States, Sheikh Kaouk said, "With the end of the war, the foreign powers supporting Israel began political and PR assaults against Hezbollah, in order to achieve the goals that they could not achieve in a military war… From a military point of view the resistance is that of fighting until victory, and even today Hezbollah is busy with a political war against what is left of the United State's plan for the Middle East."
According to Hezbollah leader, the results of the war investigations in 'Israel' proved that the Israeli occupation government had prepared for a war last summer in order to take revenge on Lebanon and Hezbollah for the 2000 capture. "The capturing of the two soldiers foiled that plan," he said.
"This was the first time that Israel was surprised by war with an Arab country, experienced fear and its home front attacked with missiles…The failure Hezbollah gave the Israeli army caused Israel to agree to a ceasefire and retreat from Lebanon running," he said.
"This subject is what led to accusations of incompetence of senior commanders in Israel which ultimately led to (former) Israeli army Chief of Staff Dan Halutz's resignation."