Thursday, March 6, 2014

Neo-Fascist Ukrainian insurgents attack a bus with Russian civilians near Cherkassy

This happened in February 20th, 2014, in the Cherkassy region of the Ukraine: Noe-Fascist Ukrainian insurgents attacked several buses with Russian civilians who were burned, murdered, tortured and humiliated.

This is a quick translation of the audio:
Reporter: On February the 20th, in the Cherkassy Oblast, a mob of armed insurgents stopped several buses with citizens from Simferopol.  The passengers were beat up and dragged out of the bus.   They were then piled up upon each other, they were forced to walk crouching on their heels, and forced to sing the Ukrainian anthem.

Interviewee: they were hammering the buses and pouring petrol on them, on one of their checkpoints they were executing people with shotguns, the buses there were all burned, they were throwing buckets of petrol on our bus and setting fire to it.  When people fled the bus there were killed with baseball bats.  We could have resisted, of course, but they all had firearms which they were not hiding.   The go around in the middle of the day with assault-rifles and shotguns taken from the Berkut, with hunting rifles and sawed-off shotguns.

Reporter: some of the buses were simply burned down. In Simferopol the passengers came back as if they had just returned from the enemy's side of a warzone.

Interviewee: they stopped the bus and they began shooting at them, they forced people out and then began shooting and pouring petrol.  We were all beaten.  They broke my arm and my collarbone with a rebar.  I am only a citizen of Crimea.  I am just from Crimea, do you understand, why do we need such a Ukraine?   They think that they are above everybody else, for them we are nonhumans only because we speak Russian!

Reporter: the Crimean authorities did inform Kiev of what happened.  No reaction.  The Revolution does not punish its heroes.
Unlike "official" Kiev, the Ukie blogosphere did pick up on this story, but gave it its own spin: they say that these buses were filled with pro-Russian provocateurs which they call "titushki" so that is why they got stopped, "arrested" and burned.  I am sure that this explanation will fully convince the western media and politicians, but for the people of Crimea this is yet another reason to want out for the ugly Banderastan the US and EU are building in the Ukraine.

The Saker



    "Wednesday, a bill was introduced into the Ukrainian parliament that includes revisiting Ukraine’s status as a neutral state and reconsidering whether the country should join NATO."

    So this was before the new Crimean referendum. Starts making more sense now.

  2. It's too bad the Western media is in full propaganda mode, because it would be instructive to follow the lawlessness unleashed by the Western-backed coup.

    Will the fascists make a bid for power?

  3. Hi Saker!

    Two things quickly:

    - re. this incident, is there really a need to say "neo-fascist" insurgents? For one, no one really knows what "neo-fascism" is (hardly anyone knows what "old-fascism" was to begin with); also, does that change anything? Would it be less wrong or more ok if they were something else other than "neo-fascists"?
    Just saying. And from my understanding of what fascism actually is, I'm inclined to say they would have to recognise Russia's point on all this, in order to be consistent.

    - Second thing, I've reading a little about Portugal and Russia. Portugal and Russia apparently maintain diplomatic relations since 1776. Several portuguese took part in the war against the turks and helped reform Russia's military under Catarina II.
    You said you were in the military as well so if you're interested, here's a few names to look for:

    Pamplona Corte-Real
    Gomes Freire de Andrade
    Caetano Teixeira e Sousa

    I've also read about how the Portuguese Royal Court in Rio de Janeiro (it moved there when the european portuguese territory was invaded) and S. Petersboug allied against Napoleon.


  4. Crimeans encounter the reality of how western capitalist "democracy" is practiced in the colonies and increasingly against what they consider undesirable minorities at home.

    вот так

  5. @mujahedin:is there really a need to say "neo-fascist" insurgents?

    I actually struggled with that for a little while but decided in favor. Here is why: the prefix "neo" means new/young so that works. As for Fascist - the ideology of these folks is a pure continuation of the WWII ideology of the Latin Christian Right such as Pavelic, Bandera, Petain & Co. (Mussolini was more of a socialist I would say). So neo-Fascist seems better than calling them Nazis (which are a) atheists or pagans and b) purely German). "Banderites" is another option, but one which many would not understand. So neo-Fascist seems the best to me.
    As for calling them "insurgents" - to me is this a neutral term describing somebody resisting the state with weapons. It does not have the negative connotation of "terrorists" and it is far more accurate than "opponents".

    But your suggestions - I appeal to everybody here - are most welcome: what do you suggest I call these folks?

    Many thanks in advance for any ideas, kind regards,

    The Saker

  6. Stepan Bandera was imprisoned by the Nazis, exiled by the Soviets & finally assassinated by the KGB/Mossad.

    His goal was to clean out the Bolsheviks.
    So, why would you (or anyone) fear the Banderites? Unless...

  7. "what do you suggest I call these folks?"

    What you feel they are*. You'll never please everyone with the "right" description that fits what they want hear.

    * Though in the interest of the young ones, you might want to avoid the obvious expletives. ;)

    вот так

  8. Anonymous 17:52. He was also employed by the British. Your point was...

    Saker, can we just call them rightwing ultranationalist thugs?

  9. @ Anonymous 17:52

    Let me guess. "Unless..." you are an ehtnic Russian trying to speak your own language in Kiev, nevermind Lvov? Now where is my cookie for the correct guess?

  10. That story reminds mi of the events during the WWII in the Eastern Ukraine ( former Polish "Kresy" ) where Bandera's 'rezuns' genocided Polish minority and those of Ukrainians, who were trying to help them - murdering in the most horrible ways, including women and children. And all that on the base of nationalistic ideology of Doncow propagated by OUN -UPA. Today's 'rezuns' are of the same psychopathic mentality, just better equipped with modern weapons; Russians are right to be afraid of those neo-nazi thugs; Neither Soviets nor Nazi Germans reached that level of bestiality, as Bandera's "heroes";

    [;] [;]

  11. Sorry, I meant 'Western UKraine', not 'Eastern'

  12. @Fascism,

    The trouble is that the notion is quite elastic. Typically all attempts to define fascism end in something like the definitions of Wikipedia: "What constitutes a definition of fascism and fascist governments is a highly disputed subject that has proved complicated and contentious. Historians, political scientists, and other scholars have engaged in long and furious debates concerning the exact nature of fascism and its core tenets".
    Properly the name Fascism is applicable only to the regime instituted in Italy by Benito Mussolini: Partito Nazionale Fascista.

  13. "Properly the name Fascism is applicable only to the regime instituted in Italy by Benito Mussolini: Partito Nazionale Fascista."

    This is strictly speaking true, but in practical terms it's too cute.

    It's fair to describe most ultra-nationalist, xenophobic currents with paramilitary arms as fascist.

  14. Stopping a bus, looking for a particular type of passengers, dragging them out, and executing them; this is exactly the same practice to spread unrest and insecurity in the north-western Pakistan. That's the place where insurgent forces are based and get trained/equipment from NATO containers that get 'stolen' along the way. Americans are attacking civilian populations in the Northwestern Pakistan to counter the insurgents but the success rate in this regard has been dismal. When the Pakistani Military pushes the insurgents back and leader comes down on his knees wishing to negotiate with the Army, he gets taken out by a drone strike. Then in a few days more insurgents with American weapons and more drone strikes on our civilians to take out the 'insurgents'. Putin should observe this pattern in Pakistan and look for similarities in Ukraine.

  15. @Cahokia,

    I think that neo-fascism is preferable. They have little relations, if any, to the "fascisms" of the past, but displaying some common features.
    In the case of Ukraine Banderists would be preferable, because they claim to be heirs of Stepan Bandera. Rather "integral nationalists".

  16. Here's an article which claims that the main beneficiaries of the coup in Ukraine are rich Jewish crooks.

    The Irish Savant

    Apparently there's more Jews in the Ukrainian parliament than in the Israeli Knesset, although there's only 103,000 Jews in a population of about 47 million!

    It's certainly a 'new' type of fascism which works to break up one's country and help Jewish billionaires to loot it!

    It begins to look as if the Israeli soldiers who helped the rioters in Kiev were working to a plan. The interests which control Israel, the USA and the EU always loudly condemn any other such nationalist groups as 'fascist', but not in this case.

    It is even reminiscent of how Israel was alleged to have promoted the growth of HAMAS to create opposition to the PLO, and break Palestine into two areas controlled by different groups of squabbling thugs.

    Who benefits from all this? Follow the money!

  17. The zionazis running the bandera queens have apparently rung up their Jewish mafia buddies in Russia and set them to work for "Ukrainian freedom" now:

    Threats received by Russian governors about Ukraine probed - investigators

    "The authorities in Russia's Belgorod, Kursk, Bryansk and Voronezh regions have opened criminal investigations after the local governors received threats allegedly linked to the current situation in Ukraine, Russian Investigative Committee spokesman Vladimir Markin said.

    "The criminal cases were opened on the counts of "threats to use violence against a representative of the authorities or his family member in connection with the fulfillment of his professional duties" - Part 1 of Article 318 of the Russian Penal Code," Markin said."

    вот так

  18. Israel-America's bandera boy toys are demanding more tools to terrorise and rob the locals:

    Yarosh presses Kiev government to arm Right Sector militants

    "The leaders of Ukraine's Right Sector ultra-right nationalist movement is pressing the self-imposed Kiev administration to arm Right Sector combatants, ITAR-TASS reports, quoting a source in the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

    "The demand was put forward by Right Sector leader Dmitry Yarosh to the Ukrainian government and Defense Ministry," the source said.

    Yarosh claims that the "conservative approaches" of key ministers are hampering efforts to restore order in the country and put an end to anti-maidan protests in eastern and southern Ukraine, the source said..."

    Hopefully the Russians are working on a way to permanently liquidate this subhuman filth.

    вот так

  19. Kinda late, sorry.

    i don't have any suggestions on what to call these people, as I do not know what their ideology actually is.

    That they display nazi or fascist flags means nothing to me. They could easily display al-queda flags as well. Would that make them islamic extremists?

    Anyway, my point is that whomever attacks buses with civilians is a terrorist, a bandit or criminal if you wish.
    They way you put things leads to the interpretation that a) they attacked the bus because they are fascists (maybe true, but not necessarily) and b) that the act is reprehensible specially because they're fascists, therefore implying that it would be less so if they happened to be communists or democrats.

    It's b) that concerns me the most. Remember that all this started in the name of democracy.
    The way the world is today, I'd much rather be captured by anyone calling themselves fascists or nazis than by someone claiming to be a democrat...

  20. @Odin Raven,

    Add Tymoshenko, Klitsch, Yats, Hennadyi Korban, Boris Filatov.

    In 2012 "The world’s largest Jewish community center opens to the public this Sunday with a 10-hour schedule of events, but the buzz around the new Menorah Center in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, is palpable following the private opening yesterday of its Jewish Memory and Holocaust Museum.
    Built at a main intersection between the left and right banks of the Dnepr River, the seven-towered 538,000 square foot center was spearheaded by philanthropist Gennady Bogolubov, president of the local Jewish community and chairman of the Ukrainian Jewish Congress, and his Privat banking partner Igor Kolomoyskyy".

    Indeed as Pepe Escobar said "The Khaganate of Nulands". (The Kagan was the King of the Khazars). All neo-cons, former trotskysts, come from Ukraine, as the bulk of zionists. Even the pun Nulands is evocative. Parts of Ukraine were called New Russia (but Viki F***Eu hails from the same parts of the world. It is a family interest.